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America East Sustainability Conference

This comprehensive event will bring together students, faculty and staff from America East institutions, as well as national and international experts from industry to explore ways that our stakeholders and conference participants can work together to drive sustainable practices forward in their own programs, leverage additional resources and funding opportunities, and to help create joint research and teaching projects focused on sustainability.


CampusEnergy2022 brings together energy designers, managers and engineers to advance sustainable energy on college and university campuses. Program Topics Include:Utility Master Planning and Climate Action Plans, Integrating Renewables, De-Carbonizing Campuses with District Energy, Geothermal and Geo-Exchange, Carbon Monitoring and Accounting, and much more.

International Laboratory Freezer Challenge

Thousands of scientists around the world compete in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge each year to learn how to be more energy efficient with their lab’s cold storage, improve sample accessibility, reduce risk, and save costs for their institutions. Second only to fume hoods, your lab’s cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms) is likely the […]