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AASHE provides several unique advertising opportunities that allow business and institutions to reach their desired target audience in a highly efficient and effective manner. Explore the media kit and find details related to advertising options, editorial content calendar, rate information, and more! Sign up to advertise with AASHE through a streamlined process. Space is limited.

  • Key Information
    If you’re interested in advertising, here are some details you may find helpful:

    • Start by reviewing our editorial calendar to determine if you want to run your ad in tandem with certain sustainability programs, events or celebrations.
    • Read and download the advertising terms and conditions to ensure your ad is in keeping with our guidelines.
    • Advertising agreements are due on the 15th of the month prior to your desired run date.
    • Artwork is due on the 21st of the month prior to your desired run date.
    • Advertisements are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For questions about your advertising order, please contact Emily Cardinas, Marketing Manager, at marketing@aashe.org.

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  • Advertising Options

    AASHE Connect

    AASHE Connect is an online community of dynamic and engaged professionals at the forefront of transforming sustainability in higher education. It’s the perfect place for exchanging knowledge, collaborating with others, professional networking, and ideation.  AASHE Connect is a popular way to reach AASHE members!

    • Ad Specs: 200 x 200 pixel PNG file with a unique destination URL
    • 36,000+ Online Participants
    • 240,000+ impressions a month
    • Sent Monday through Friday

    AASHE Announcements

    AASHE Announcements is a monthly newsletter that keeps higher education sustainability professionals informed on all things AASHE-related. Submit an image and text copy that will be seamlessly integrated into the newsletter to inform a motivated cadre of sustainability experts.

    • Ad specs:  200 x 200 pixel PNG file, paragraph of copy with approximately 100 words with a unique destination URL to read more
    • 22,000+ subscribers
    • 3,500 average impressions for a single email
    • Sent the second Tuesday of each month

    AASHE Bulletin

    The AASHE Bulletin is a curated publication of the latest higher education sustainability news that is published on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Consider this medium a part of your strategic arsenal to announce opportunities, resources, events, and job listings and reach a dedicated group of sustainability change agents!

    • Ad Specs: 1200 x 300 pixel PNG file with a unique destination URL (Note: AASHE will resize image to 480×120 pixels for the platform)
    • 22,000+ subscribers 
    • 3,694 average impressions for a single email
    • 12,000+ impressions a month (Published twice monthly)

  • Editorial Calendar
    This editorial calendar is tentative and subject to change.
  • Rates & Details


    • $950 per month for standard months
    • $1100 per month for premium months

    Member Only Specials

    • Purchase 3 non-premium months for $2,500. Upgrade 1 standard month to a premium month for a $150 upcharge.
    • Purchase ad space in two or more communication channels at the same time and save $200. Must commit at the same time.


    • $1500 per month for standard months
    • $1700 per month for premium months

    Standard Months

    • February
    • March
    • April
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • December

    Premium Months

    • January
    • May
    • September
    • October
    • November

  • Advertising Guidelines

    1. Advertisers shall not advertise products, services, or events that have no direct relation to the higher education sustainability community unless AASHE provides written approval of the content of such advertisement in advance of its submission. 
    2. Advertisers shall not advertise products, services, or events that compete directly with products, services or events offered by AASHE (including the solicitation of membership in any membership organization) unless AASHE provides written approval of the content of such advertisement in advance of its submission.
    3. Advertisers shall not reference AASHE, AASHE’s products, services, standards, or events, or use AASHE’s logo or other trademarks unless AASHE provides written approval of the content of such advertisement in advance of its submission.
    4. Advertorials (an advertisement resembling an editorial or journalistic article in form and style) are prohibited. Artwork, format and layout should be such as to avoid confusion with the editorial content of the publication, platform, or website. AASHE reserves the right to indicate that it is an Advertisement within the copy to avoid confusion.
    5. Advertising copy must be factual, in good taste, and all claims must be fully supported. Advertisements must avoid the use of claims the validity of which depends upon extremely fine interpretations of meaning. This does not exclude the use of normal qualifiers, such as footnotes, which may be necessary to render a claim true. 
    6. Advertisements using exclusive claims such as “best”, “the most effective” or “only” or any other word with the same meaning to describe Advertiser’s products, services or events is prohibited. 
    7. Advertisements containing testimonials or those that quote the names, statements or writings of any individual, public official, government agency or other organization must be accompanied by written consent for use from the quoted individual or entity.
    8. All advertisements must clearly identify the Advertiser by trademark, signature or name. 
    9. Links to other websites contained in an advertisement must not prevent a user from easily returning to AASHE’s website. 
    10. AASHE may in its sole discretion provide reports to Advertiser that show aggregate data about the Advertiser’s advertisements, including the number of impressions generated. However, AASHE will not release personally identifiable data to Advertiser regarding AASHE’s members, visitors, users, or readers of its digital properties. Further, Advertiser cannot be given advance knowledge of any content posted in any of AASHE’s digital properties, and AASHE’S editorial decisions or advertising policies will not be influenced by Advertiser or shaped to accommodate Advertiser’s preferences.

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