Advocacy efforts are vital to ensure that we do what we can to protect and support higher education institutions, businesses and non-profits throughout the United States and beyond. View current year advocacy efforts on this page as we continue our work to ensure that AASHE members have their voices heard on the issues most important to them.

Recent Advocacy Efforts

AASHE called on its community members to send letters to their representatives on how important it is to fully fund ENERGY STAR.
AASHE recently joined the US ACE Coalition to work toward a climate-safe future through education, public awareness and more.
AASHE believes that children should always have a right to access courts when in life-threatening controversy with their government.
AASHE signed a letter that urges Senators Schumer and Murray to include funding for K-12 school facilities in budget reconciliation.
AASHE signed a letter that aims to create a nationwide system of climate services within the United States.
AASHE asked President Biden's Army Corps of Engineers to deny and revoke permits for fossil fuel infrastructure projects.
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