Advocacy efforts are vital to ensure that we do what we can to protect and support higher education institutions, businesses and non-profits throughout the United States and beyond. View current year advocacy efforts on this page as we continue our work to ensure that AASHE members have their voices heard on the issues most important to them.

Recent Advocacy Efforts

The wage gap that exists means that women of color make significantly less than their peers. AASHE signed the Pay Equity Pledge to commit conducting a pay equity analysis of staff compensation and take corrective actions to remediate pay disparities.
AASHE endorsed the Exit Amazon Oil and Gas Platform which includes immediate and long-term commitments to end investment in oil and gas activities in the Amazon biome.
AASHE signed a letter calls on world leaders to oppose fossil-fueled wars and commit to ending the fossil fuel era while accelerating a just, equitable and renewable energy future.
AASHE partnered with a public-private partnership that calls on organizations across the country to set greenhouse gas reduction targets and share their innovative solutions across industries.
AASHE signed on to the Banking on Climate Chaos Report which adds up financing from the world’s 60 biggest banks contributing to the the fossil fuel sector, assesses bank financing for top companies and highlights communities fighting projects that threaten their lives and livelihoods.
AASHE signed a letter in support of the Climate Change Education Title of the America COMPETES Act that would help the NOAA to provide grants and support to state education agencies and institutions of higher education, increase climate literacy in U.S. and broaden the understanding of science of climate change.
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