Advancing Sustainability in Higher Education
AASHE empowers higher education faculty, administrators, staff and students to be effective change agents and drivers of sustainability innovation. We work with and for higher education to ensure that our world’s future leaders are motivated and equipped to solve sustainability challenges.
Our members are made up of strong, passionate leaders committed to advancing the higher education sustainability movement.
Our activities are designed to make sustainable practices the norm within higher education.
Learn about AASHE which was officially launched in 2006, serving as the first professional higher education association for the campus sustainability community, but our roots start way before that.

Our Mission

To inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation.

Our Vision

AASHE will lead higher education to be a foundation for a thriving, equitable and ecologically healthy world.

Our Values

Transparency, Collaboration, Hope, Stewardship, Innovation, Courage, Accountability, Diversity & Inclusion.

Our Strategic Goals (through 2020)

Goal 1: Empower members to be transformational leaders for sustainability by providing indispensable resources and outstanding professional development

  • Develop new and improve existing resources, tools and publications
  • Strengthen the annual conference and expo to be the marquee forum for all stakeholders within the higher education sustainability community
  • Offer high-value professional development programs
  • Expand opportunities for networking and building community

Goal 2: Catalyze sustainability action and innovation through STARS

  • Simplify reporting requirements and reduce barriers to participation in STARS
  • Strengthen the value of a STARS rating
  • Improve the quality of STARS data
  • Increase net income for STARS

Goal 3: Accelerate higher education’s contributions to global sustainability through increased outreach, communications and advocacy

  • Advocate for policies that advance sustainability in higher education
  • Champion the value of sustainability in higher education and increase support for sustainability in academics, engagement, operations and administration
  • Identify new, high impact strategies to best advance our mission

Goal 4: Enhance organizational capacity & resilience

  • Grow the AASHE member community
  • Optimize internal efficiency and improve customer experience
  • Strengthen organization leadership and governance
  • Create a culture that supports employee well-being and motivation
  • Ensure AASHE’s financial health and stability