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Funding Sustainability Initiatives: A Reflection on Pandemic Era Financing Innovation

Nowadays, we seem to be living in two worlds, caught between a longing for pre-pandemic culture and the wish for a different tomorrow. I feel we are in a very similar situation regarding energy and sustainability in education. We celebrate our successes from the Y2K era while acknowledging the need for a paradigm shift that […]

A Quick, Simple, Cost-Neutral Way to Make a Sustainable Impact on Your Campus

As the pressure for making sustainable change on higher education campuses continues, the question becomes: of the many initiatives for sustainable change, which are the fastest, easiest, and most effective solutions–that also offer a visual impact at little-to-no cost increase? Many ideas for sustainable change check multiple boxes–but few ideas check all the boxes. One […]

The Campus Carbon Footprint Hiding in Plain Sight

How to use purchasing to drive out waste and lower emissions As we all know, the higher education segment is considered a leader in setting and achieving sustainability goals. However, there may be an untapped opportunity for higher education facilities to further reduce their carbon footprints through their supply chains.  In partnership with organizations such […]