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For over a year, we have worked diligently and collaboratively to develop a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) statement for the organization. Though the statement is new, we have been working to advance DEI for several years throughout our programming and operations. Now, more than ever before, there’s a sense of urgency to not only publicly proclaim our commitment, but to reaffirm our resolve to advancing DEI as a core value. We are grateful to our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors who volunteered their time and expertise in developing this statement.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion complement our other organizational values of transparency, collaboration, hope, stewardship, innovation, courage and accountability, and also encompass the way we work, the work environment, and respect for all people and their ideas. We believe that our greatest asset lies in our understanding of the broad range of stakeholders we represent. By modeling diversity, equity, and inclusion, AASHE serves the unique needs of our members to accomplish our mission, vision, and goals.

Our new statement represents one step on a longer journey to continue to prioritize DEI within sustainability in higher education. We will be providing DEI training for AASHE staff, offering professional development opportunities for our members, and continuing to emphasize equity & social justice throughout AASHE programs and partnerships. We are also eager to engage our members in next steps to identify additional strategies for championing DEI throughout our organization and sector.

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