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Club Car offers college and universities the opportunity to boost the drive toward a more sustainable, low-carbon future. 

Say “sustainability” and it’s likely to conjure images of wind turbines, solar panels and green buildings. Maybe even a charging station and plug-in sedan. However, in the context of a college or university campus, electric vehicles (EVs) for operations and facility teams may not be the most immediate association. But it’s apt — one that’s gaining prominence as schools look to meet environmental commitments, and attract students, academics and staff.   

Not only do vehicles account for a majority of the world’s emissions, but they also consume massive amounts of energy. A fleet that’s at least partially powered by lower-carbon resources meets dual needs, energy and cost-efficiency. Plus, choices extend far beyond trucks and vans with small-wheeled, fuel-efficient vehicles capable of handling everyday tasks and demanding jobs, which give universities the option to scale and tailor fleets to their specific needs. 

These vehicles are a highly visible reminder of the school’s dedication to sustainable practices. 

In recognizing the role transportation plays within sustainable campuses, Club Car has launched a Campus Sustainability Grant Program, an initiative to help colleges and universities in the transition to greener fleets.

“The ‘want’ is there, but we know there are barriers,” said Kathryn Sterba, Higher Education Marketing Leader at Club Car. “Not only are we challenging schools to think creatively about how transportation and sustainability strategies align – we’re providing resources to help schools propel their efforts forward.”

While colleges and universities are increasingly prioritizing (and evaluated on) sustainability initiatives, many don’t consider the role of operations, maintenance and grounds fleets in meeting their goals. According to AASHE, sustainable fleet management can lower fuel costs, improve air quality, and reduce vehicle procurement and maintenance costs.

Club Car makes Carryall utility and transport vehicles, including a range of EVs, for a wide variety of functions on campus – from building management to landscaping to athletics. The company created the grant program to connect sustainability and fleet decision-makers, and to help them overcome the perpetual challenge of finding the time and resources to explore new transportation options.

Through the program, Club Car will award:

  • One applicant with a grant to be used for the purchase of a customized Club Car vehicle.
  • Three applicants with a comprehensive transportation fleet audit, which provides a department-by-department review of current vehicles, a survey of when and how those vehicles are used, and an analysis of the environmental and economic impact of updating and right-sizing fleets with electric utility vehicles.

Schools must submit an application at Clubcar.com by October 20, 2019, to be eligible for a grant, answering questions about their campus fleet, sustainability strategy and how transportation can support environmental goals.

Learn more about Club Car’s utility and transport vehicles.