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Below are the top 10 most clicked Bulletin stories of 2016:

  1. Princeton Review Announces ‘Green College Honor Roll’
  2. Sierra Magazine Releases 2016 Cool Schools List
  3. AASHE Announces Top Performers in 2016 Sustainable Campus Index
  4. HEIs Pen Letter to President-Elect Regarding Climate Action
  5. St. Olaf College Soon to be Carbon Neutral
  6. AASHE Inaugurates 13 ‘Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum’
  7. Swarthmore College Approves Carbon Charge
  8. Kimberly-Clark Professional* Announces Sustainable Campus Competition LIVE! Finalists
  9. Twelve Schools Become Pilots for Clean Technology
  10. Portland State U Authors Book on University-Community Engagement

As in 2015, campus sustainability rankings continue to be of great interest to our readers, with the Green College Honor Roll, Cool Schools Ranking and Sustainable Campus Index taking the top three spots. This continued interest suggests that the kind of comparative recognition offered by rankings helps substantiate sustainability work on campus.

The list also indicates that climate change and public engagement were particularly meaningful topics to Bulletin readers this year.

Atlanta Climate March

Image: Atlanta Peoples Climate March

Illustrating the interest in climate change and public engagement, these Georgia State University students from a student group, Sustainable Energy Tribe, were engaged in climate activism beyond the campus in 2016. You can read about their efforts in the case study.

Perhaps 2016 should be considered the year that campus sustainability began reaching Beyond the Campus, the theme of the 2016 AASHE Conference & Expo. The recently posted presentations from the conference further indicate growing attention to public engagement.

We look forward to seeing the innovative and ground-breaking initiatives that occur in 2017 as a result of new partnerships, especially as they relate to our world’s most pressing issue: climate change.

If you have thoughts about trends you’re seeing in campus sustainability, feel free to comment below and/or share on social media.

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