Sponsors and Exhibitors are invited to host an evening reception during the AASHE 2024 Conference & Expo and AASHE will promote it & include it on the official conference schedule. Use the Sponsored Reception Request Form template (download a copy) to help you gather all your information and prepare your submission. The Sponsor/Exhibitor incurs all logistical expenses for the event. 

To submit a sponsored reception:

  1. Sponsor/Exhibitor creates an attendee registration form for their sponsored reception:
    1. Sponsor/Exhibitor is responsible for setting any maximum RSVPs, approval methods, or cut off dates in their attendee registration form. AASHE will also include this information in the reception description.
  2. Sponsor/Exhibitor submits the Sponsored Reception Request Form below.
  3. AASHE reviews the request and notifies the Sponsor/Exhibitor of approval.
  4. AASHE will create the event in the conference platform, including a link to the attendee registration form created by the Sponsor/Exhibitor. The event will now be viewable in the conference schedule and Mobile App.
  5. Post-reception, Sponsor/Exhibitor must provide AASHE with a list of registered attendees and actual attendance count to help AASHE gauge the impact of these receptions.