Events items can be used to make displaying event information on the site easy. Entries are displayed on the homepage and on the Events page.

Adding and editing events

From the WordPress dashboard, click Events on the left menu to bring up the full listing. To edit an existing event, click its name in the list; to add a new event, click Add New at the top of the page.

Field Definitions

  • Title: this title is displayed in the listing on the Events page and on the individual post page.
  • Content: the main description of the event.
  • Location: click the checkbox for online events, or start typing a location name into the field, then select the location from the dropdown. New locations can be added separately in the Locations section under Events. Note that the Region field on the Location is used as a way for site visitors to filter events on the website.
  • When: select the date and time of the event.
  • Event categories: add categories to help organize events items.

Be sure to click Publish or Update to make your changes live.