Top Three Reasons to Attend

  • Education. The AASHE Conference & Expo provides knowledge, tips, and innovative solutions to your challenges in order to be more effective at your job.
  • Networking. Connect with higher education sustainability leaders from institutions throughout the world as they share successes and lessons learned without ever leaving home. The AASHE Conference & Expo will provide you the opportunity to hear from and connect with other attendees during virtual sessions, networking opportunities, and more.
  • Resources. Meet with top sustainability vendors ready to introduce you to the products and services that will directly support sustainability advancement at your institution or organization.

Get Approval

  • Attend. Attending the AASHE Conference & Expo will significantly value your institution or organization. Refuel your passion, explore cost-saving ideas, and connect with influential peers worldwide! This is a MUST-ATTEND event, no matter where you are in your career.
  • Formalize Your Request. Put your request in writing and support your request with concrete reasons you should attend. It would be best if you were clear about the value proposition so that you can articulate this to whoever needs to approve your attendance. Review the website and focus on the top three leadership development and impact areas most relevant for your organization and you personally.
  • Inclusion. AASHE members can secure a group rate that could expand to everyone at your institution or organization by becoming a host institution. Share conference information with your colleagues, explore which educational sessions would benefit the institution most, and sign up so everyone can access the content. 

Hit the Ground Running After the Event Ends!

  • List. Be sure to maintain an active list of ideas you want to implement or develop further when you return. You can then summarize this list and provide an executive report for your employer. By doing so, you demonstrate the value of attending and plant the seeds for attendance at future annual conferences.
  • Share. Remember to share ideas and vendor information with colleagues and staff!