• What does registration include?

    • Access to all sessions
    • All social and networking sessions
    • Access to the exhibit hall
    • All meal functions including the Opening Reception, Coffee Breaks, and Lunches

  • How do individuals at my institution register?
    After your institution submits its payment to become a Presenting Host Institution, you will receive onboarding instructions, including a special discount code to register your complimentary registrations.
  • Who can use our complimentary registrations?
    You can provide your complimentary registrations to anyone you like, including (but not limited to) campus staff, faculty, students, and business partners.
  • Someone from my institution has already registered. Can we get a refund?
    Registrants from Host Institutions that registered and paid as individuals can switch their registration to the Host Institution package for a free registration and receive a refund, minus the 5% administration fee, up to September 15, 2024.

Onboarding & Fulfillment

  • When will we get our Host Institution Onboarding Instructions?

    Once payment has been received, we will promptly send the onboarding instructions to the Primary Contact submitted with your application.

    • Your onboarding instructions will come via email from with the subject line: #AASHE24: [Your Institution Name], enclosed are your Host Institution Onboarding instructions.

  • How do I submit materials for our Host Institution benefits?
    Your Host Institution Onboarding instructions will provide step-by-step instructions with deadlines for all your Host Institution benefits.

    • Your onboarding instructions will come via email from with the subject line: #AASHE24: [Your Institution Name], enclosed are your Host Institution Onboarding instructions.

  • For the Extensive Recognition & Promotion benefits, can we provide custom content (images, text, and branding)?
    For the President’s Welcome Letter, we ask that the Host Institution primary contact provide us the completed letter in PDF format on the institution’s letterhead. For all other benefits listed under Extensive Recognition & Promotion, AASHE will generate content using the logo and descriptions provided by the Host Institution’s primary contact during application.

Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

  • What are some examples of an ELO?

    • Boston University (2023): Behind the Scenes at Boston’s Largest Fossil Fuel-Free Building at Boston University’s LEED Platinum Center for Computing & Data Sciences
      • Join BU Sustainability for a tour of Boston University’s LEED Platinum Center for Computing and Data Sciences. This building features net-zero carbon emissions, zero fossil fuels, and is designed for Zero Waste. It is Boston’s largest fossil fuel-free building and BU’s most sustainable building to date. The Center exemplifies the goals outlined in BU’s Climate Plan and Zero Waste Plan: net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and Zero Waste by 2030. Standing 19 stories tall and 345,000 square feet, the building utilizes the thermal capacity of the earth for heating and cooling. 31 geothermal boreholes go 1,500 feet beneath the earth’s surface as part of a closed-loop ground source heat pump system.  On this tour, the BU Sustainability team will showcase the mechanical spaces of the building that allow this geothermal system to function.
    • Tufts University (2023): Artful Sustainability: Fine Arts, Sustainability and a Wampanoag Artist Exhibition at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts
      • Join us at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts (SMFA), where art education meets sustainability. With a legacy spanning nearly 150 years, SMFA is at the forefront of innovative art instruction with long integrated sustainable practices, prioritizing students’ well-being and longevity in their chosen art practices. You’ll gain insights into our commitment to sustainability and creative expression: Metals and Jewelry Studio: Step into the world of sustainable jewelry-making with faculty member Tanya Crane. Witness how our students transform unwanted jewelry into future heirlooms, demonstrating the art of recycling and renewal. CArte Util: Explore our donation program, a beacon of resource efficiency where we reduce art material waste while providing free supplies to students. Library Innovations: Visit our remarkable library, where we’ve established a seed library, plant exchange, and clothing swap lockers. Pollinator Gardens: Journey through our captivating courtyard and balconies adorned with pollinator gardens. These spaces not only beautify our campus but also support local biodiversity.  Double Arrows Exhibition: Experience the captivating “Double Arrows” exhibition in SMFA’s Grossman Gallery. Featuring the artistry of Aquinnah Wampanoag artist Elizabeth James Perry and invited guest artists, this showcase presents sustainably harvested treasures, including hand-carved Wampum jewelry, hand-tanned deer hide, and woven fiber and reeds.
    • Northeastern University (2023): A Tour of Northeastern University: Arboretum to World-Class Research Building at Northeastern’s campus arboretum and science & engineering research building)
      • Just steps away from the conference, join us for a tour of Northeastern’s beautiful campus arboretum and brand new science and engineering research building.  Learn about our successes and challenges of implementing sustainability and placemaking initiatives throughout Northeastern’s urban campus with a focus on our Level II Accreditation arboretum and our brand new research building, EXP, that is seeking LEED Platinum certification.  Northeastern University has transformed its campus from a few buildings surrounded by parking lots to its current build out of a campus integrated within Boston’s urban fabric. EXP, which opened in August 2023, is a modern research space designed to promote collaboration between students across disciplines, and will include teaching and research labs, classrooms, makerspace, dedicated space for innovative work. EXP achieves its energy reduction measures from triple glazing building envelope, heat recovery chiller, and sharing cooling systems with its neighbor ISEC.  All these elements and more lead to a 50% reduction in energy use and a 74% reduction in natural gas usage compared to a baseline research facility. All sites will be fully accessible, but the tour will be on the move throughout the session, so please dress accordingly.

  • When and where do I have to submit my ELO?
    Early submissions for Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are highly encouraged! To ensure AASHE has ample time to promote your ELO and reach a full audience, all submissions must be received by August 30, 2024, through our ELO Submission Form. The earlier we receive your proposal, the sooner we can launch registration and begin promoting your ELO. This increases your chance of attracting a strong audience and reaching maximum capacity.
  • We’re offering our ELO for free, so why is AASHE charging attendees to participate?
    A modest registration fee is associated with AASHE’s ELOs. This fee serves two important purposes: Firstly, it encourages participants to carefully consider their commitment to attending the ELO, minimizing the incidence of no-shows. With limited space available (all three ELOs offered in 2023 did sell out), a registration fee helps us to maximize participation opportunities for all interested attendees.