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I have found AASHE to be *the* most value-added professional organization that I have ever been associated with.
Andrea George, Vanderbilt University

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  • Altenex simplifies renewable energy procurement. We help large energy users – colleges and universities, corporations, municipalities – make sense of the fragmented, opaque, and confusing universe of renewable energy developers, products, financing strategies, siting, and contract negotiations. The higher education sector has taken the lead on setting climate action goals. Let Altenex help as your school grapples with the reality of achieving these ambitious goals. Our clients achieve their climate goals by sourcing renewable energy, while reducing energy price risks, and lowering their utilities costs, by locking in long-term pricing from competitive, renewable energy projects. Our experience speaks for itself. Altenex has executed more than 750 megawatts of renewable energy power purchase agreements for some of the world's leading organizations. Schedule a call to learn how your institution can realize its sustainability goals while responsibly stewarding its financial resources.

  • Kimberly-Clark Professional is the first major paper towel and bathroom tissue manufacturer in North America to introduce products containing natural, non-tree fibers such as bamboo and wheat straw. The advantages of using non-tree fibers are compelling: Rapidly renewable fibers have a shorter harvesting cycle and require less land to support demand, "Recycling" agricultural byproducts, and Preserving natural forests is essential to the sustainability of our environment. These products are sourced and manufactured to stringent third-party environmental standards. As global demand for the world’s resources grows, incorporating these fibers into health and hygiene products becomes critically important. Together, we can reduce our use of resources today, while respecting the needs of tomorrow. Kimberly-Clark Professional partners with businesses to create Exceptional Workplaces* helping to make them healthier, safer, and more productive. To learn more about these initiatives and The Healthy Schools Project, visit

  • At Pharos, we believe that the best solutions come from a mindset of discovery. We exist to reduce the mindless consumption of all resources associated with printing. With this purpose, we help universities all over the world to discover and apply the best solutions for their school well beyond student pay-for-print. By collecting, analyzing and presenting complex data in a simple, yet powerful way, we put customers in control of their print environment and reveal the true cost of their office printing often hidden from their view. We provide industry-leading technology and services to deliver mindful print solutions that align with an organization’s cost savings, security and sustainability goals. Pharos is the only company in this space that is also a Certified B Corp.

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