AASHE supports your institution in reaching its sustainability goals.

Regardless of location, AASHE supports your institution in reaching its sustainability goals. Since 2005, institutions around the world have been aligning with AASHE as we empower higher education to be a foundation for a thriving, equitable, and ecologically healthy world. Your entire campus community, including all staff, faculty, students, and administrators, is encouraged to take advantage of the resources available.

AASHE membership is intended for the full spectrum of colleges and universities – from community colleges to research universities, and from institutions just starting their sustainability programs to long-time campus sustainability leaders.

We are committed to providing exceptional value to our membership through a robust and diverse suite of benefits.

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  • Benefits

    Networking & Recognition

    AASHE Conference & Expo – Connect with more than 2,000 of your colleagues to share experiences, knowledge, passion and commitment to advancing campus sustainability at the largest higher education sustainability conference in North America. Individuals from member institutions receive substantial discounts on registration.

    Member Directory Listing – Be among the list of who’s who in the campus sustainability community.

    AASHE Sustainability Awards – Get recognized for your outstanding achievements and progress toward sustainability. AASHE bestows its prestigious sustainability awards each year on the institutions and individuals that are leading higher education to a sustainable future.

    Member Logo – Place the member logo on your website, brochures, and other materials to emphasize your institution’s commitment to campus sustainability.

    Member Spotlight – This blog feature celebrates our members who work tirelessly to advance sustainability at their campuses and in their surrounding communities. If you have a compelling story to tell, let us know!

    Benchmarking & Research

    STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) – Utilize this tool to help your institution establish a baseline for sustainability performance and track and promote progress. Members receive significant discounts on Full Access subscriptions.

    Sustainable Campus Index – This annual publication recognizes top-performing colleges and universities in 17 distinct aspects of sustainability, as measured by STARS and highlights over 70 innovative and high-impact initiatives from institutions around the world.

    Higher Education Sustainability Staffing Survey – Published every two years, this member only report examines the nature of sustainability positions at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, providing insights into salaries, funding, supervision, job satisfaction, challenges and more. This report aims to increase our understanding of the continuously growing career field of sustainability professionals in higher education.

    Professional Development

    Workshops – Our workshops are designed for members to gain knowledge, share best practices, and build supportive relationships with other professionals in the field. Members can save on registration for events such as the Sustainability Officers Retreat and the Sustainability Across the Curriculum Leadership Workshop.

    Webinars – Monthly webinars are intended to address the needs of our diverse membership, increase member engagement, create community, and provide solutions in the form of resources, tools and support in all areas of sustainability in higher education.

    Leadership – Share your experience and expertise by serving on the Board of Directors, Advisory Council or STARS Steering Committee.

    News & Resources

    Campus Sustainability Hub – Access over 6,500 resources in our online resource library! The Hub is a one-stop shop for members to access toolkits and resource collections about all aspects of sustainability in higher education, from academics to operations to governance.

    AASHE Bulletin – Stay up-to-date with the only aggregated weekly news source for the higher education sustainability community.

    International Resources – Use resources from our international partners, the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) in the United Kingdom and Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Dues

     Least Developed Countries (LDC)

    Student Enrollment (FTE)  Dues
    All Institutions (4-yr, Graduate, and 2-yr) $145

    OECD Countries

    4-yr. and Graduate Institutions
    Student Enrollment (FTE) Dues
    <250  $215
     250-999  $430
     1,000-4,999  $870
     5,000-9,999  $955
     10,000-14,999  $1,090
     15,000-19,999  $1,305
     20,000-29,999  $1,395
     >30,000  $1,525
    2-yr. Institutions
    Student Enrollment (FTE) Dues
    <5,000  $215
    >5,000  $430

    Non-OECD, Non-LDC Countries

    4-yr. and Graduate Institutions
    Student Enrollment (FTE) Dues
    <250  $145
    250-999  $295
    1,000-4,999  $580
    5,000-9,999  $640
    10,000-14,999  $725
    15,000-19,999  $870
    20,000-29,999  $930
    >30,000  $1,020
    2-yr. Institutions
    Student Enrollment (FTE) Dues
    <5,000  $145
    >5,000  $295

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Questions About Membership?

Prospective Members

Contact: Noah Swistak, Membership Development Manager, noah.swistak@aashe.org, (888) 347-9997 ext. 128

Existing Members

Contact: Nikia Johnson, Membership Engagement Manager, nikia@aashe.org, (888) 347-9997 ext. 108