AASHE stands in solidarity with the Black community and everyone fighting for racial justice. The circumstances are urgent and require each of us to reflect on our own contributions towards the persistence of racist systems. As an organization with a primarily white staff that serves a primarily white community, AASHE has committed to centering racial equity and social justice as part of our strategy and operational practice. While we have found that this work is challenging and uncomfortable, we believe that it is the only way we can meet the needs of our stakeholders and serve our mission. Confronting this, and similar issues, is part of sustainability.

We urge our community of change agents to speak out against white supremacy, systemic racism, and acknowledge the role that higher education plays in creating and perpetuating racial injustice. To be silent on issues of injustice of any kind, including biased policing and police brutality, is to be complicit in these horrendous actions. We believe respect for the rights, humanity, and dignity of black lives is long overdue.