We are proud to announce our partnership with Recyclemania 2019 to boost recycling efforts and keep trash out of the environment.

RecycleManiaRecycleMania is the only competition dedicated to improving recycling and waste reduction efforts at colleges and universities.

For 8 weeks each spring, hundreds of schools rally the campus to “up their game” by recycling, composting and reducing waste in an effort to beat rival campuses.

During the 2018 competition, 3.6 million students recycled and composted 68.6 million pounds, preventing the release of 94,152 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E) into the atmosphere > that is equivalent to preventing annual emissions from 20,160 cars!

This competition supports campuses by:

  • Activating students to increase recycling and reduce waste
  • Building support to invest in recycling and outreach programs
  • Emphasizing metrics to measure recycling and waste reduction performance
  • Providing platform to benchmark against peer campuses

Learn more about the competition at www.recyclemania.org

Register today: https://recyclesearch.com/profile/recyclemania