Member Spotlight Opportunity

AASHE spotlights the sustainability achievements of a member (now available to all members including campuses, Business Alliance, non-profits and others) multiple times every month on the home page of our website. All members are eligible for inclusion in the rotation for being spotlighted. It's a great opportunity to spread the word about your sustainability efforts!

Spotlights typically 1-2 weeks, but can run longer if no submissions come in after that period. You may submit multiple spotlights throughout the year to showcase new developments, projects, or new launches of products/services. If you are submitting a repeat post, please wait 3-6 months before submitting.

To have your campus or business considered for spotlighting, please send the following materials and nay questions to Skyelar Habberfield at

  • An objective ~40-word summary of your institution or company's sustainability efforts or the sustainability achievement you are most proud of; concrete achievements are preferable to general statements of commitment. Businesses may include some ways in which their products or services have helped campuses to achieve their sustainability goals, or showcase a new product or service institutions should consider.

  • Several photos of your campus; these can be related to sustainability, but don’t have to be (sometimes iconic buildings or other features of campus work best). Businesses may include photos that showcase their product or service being utilized on a campus. Please only send photos that you can grant AASHE permission to use, and keep in mind that the photo will appear quite small (150px width and roughly 225px height) and so must reduce well. Sending multiple photos is the best way to ensure we have one that works. Please note that these photos may be used in other AASHE online resources or publications.

  • A link for readers to learn more about your sustainability achievements.