Become an AASHE Author
Since 2020, AASHE has released an annual call for authors to participate in the No Sustainability Without Justice anthology. This compilation of essays shares perspectives from higher education sustainability leaders on how racial equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion are integral components to sustainability.
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    AASHE is seeking authors to write original pieces on the interconnectedness of racial equity, social justice and sustainability for the third volume of No Sustainability Without Justice: An Anthology on Racial Equity and Social Justice. The aim of the anthology is to communicate how racial equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion are integral components to sustainability for those employed in higher education. Expressions of interest are requested by May 6.   
  • Application Timeline

    Call for Authors Opens April 5, 2022
    Call for Authors Closes May 6, 2022
    Authors Informed May 30, 2022
    Essays Due to AASHE July 8, 2022
    No Sustainability Without Justice, Volume III Released Fall 2022

  • Submission FAQs

    1. What are the parameters for submissions? If you are interested in authoring an essay, please complete the submission form and provide an essay description, outline, and draft author biography/ies. A final draft is not needed yet. If your essay is approved, AASHE will be in contact with additional details related to the edit process, link inclusion, terminology use and more.
    2. Do all submitted proposals need to be from AASHE members? Submissions will be accepted regardless of membership status. AASHE members who apply to be an author will receive preference.
    3. What type of photo is needed for submission? We need a high-resolution file of your headshot image so we can incorporate this into the designed essays and at least two supporting images that you can grant permission for us to use in the final publication.
    4. How long should bios be? Please keep bios to roughly 150 words or less.
    5. What citation standard should we be using? Detailed writing guidelines will be provided once selected to be an author including citation directions and the editing process.
    6. Does the word limit of up to 2,500 need to include the references? You can exclude the references section from the word count totals.
    7. What happens if my essay is not chosen? Your proposal may still be a good fit to share via other AASHE forums so you may wish to consider submitting it as an educational program or as a case study in the Campus Sustainability Hub.
    8. How do you submit additional photos to incorporate into the essay? If you want us to consider incorporating any additional images into the final design, you can share them via the Campus Sustainability Hub. Detailed instructions are included here. For your essay, images of sustainability, social justice, or Indigenous engagement/collaboration in action at CofC would be very welcome.