Participation in DANS is open to any disciplinary association. We seek to involve all academic associations in DANS to get the broadest perspective and produce the greatest effectiveness and synergy from our efforts.

Why Participate in DANS

  • Make your association a better model of sustainable practices by learning from peers about sustainability policies and best practices.
  • Access the assistance and expertise to strengthen your association’s programming on sustainability.
  • Learn about opportunities to collaborate with other associations on sustainability programming and education.
  • Participate in developing resources that will strengthen and advance sustainability education.
  • Elevate your impact by collaborating with peers on policy advocacy and other joint efforts to advance sustainability education.
  • Increase the overall success of all of your sustainability efforts through participation in an ongoing community of support.

How to Participate

There is no cost to participate in DANS. Please contact Daita Serghi, Education Programs Manager for AASHE, to learn more.