The information provided below is intended to serve as a guide for our Call for Proposals. The general Call for Proposals period is now closed, but limited proposal types such as proposals for #GCSHE Networking Sessions are being accepted.

  • Who is the audience of AASHE educational events?
    The typical audience that participates in AASHE educational events is drawn from the campus sustainability community. It includes faculty, students, sustainability staff and executives, as well as community members and businesses. The audience tends to be diverse both geographically and in the level of experience.
  • Do I need to be an AASHE member to submit a proposal?
    We give preference to submissions featuring people associated with AASHE member organizations but it is not a requirement to propose a conference session, workshop, or course. However, we do require that at least one presenter be affiliated with an AASHE member organization in order to propose an AASHE webinar. Further, we don’t accept proposals (or any format) submitted by or featuring non-member businesses. If you are interested in becoming a member, please review the range of benefits that come with membership and contact or (888) 347-9997 to get started.
  • How do I submit a proposal?
    Proposals may be submitted electronically through AASHE’s Proposal Submission Form. The general Call for Proposals period is now closed, but limited proposal types such as proposals for #GCSHE Networking Sessions are being accepted.
  • Is there a limit to how many presenters can be associated with a proposal?
    Yes. The limits are different for each format. #GCSHE Educational sessions and Networking & Discussion sessions should have no more than 3 presenters. #GCSHE Lighting Talks should only have a single presenter. Up to 4 presenters are allowed for other formats (e.g., webinars, workshops, courses). You will have the option to substitute presenters if necessary.
  • May businesses propose educational content?
    Yes, we welcome proposals from AASHE member businesses. However, proposals that sound like advertisements of a product or service will not be accepted. If you are a supplier of products or services, be sure your proposal focuses on a relevant topic, concept, or idea – not one of your products or services. In addition, we strongly recommend including a campus representative as a presenter to help make the content applicable to participants.  Finally, please note that the opportunity to present an AASHE webinar is a benefit for AASHE Business Leader Members only.
  • Will my proposal change if it is accepted?
    As we consider your proposal, we may have ideas for a different scope or focus of the proposed content that will be discussed with you. Presenters will have the opportunity to provide feedback, but acceptance of certain topics may depend upon the presenter’s willingness and ability to modify the original idea. Please note that all proposed presenters may not be selected to present the content outlined in the submission.