Enhance your visibility and participate in the Sustainable Solutions track during GCSHE, the largest and most widely recognized multidisciplinary sustainability gathering. This exciting opportunity will allow you to demonstrate your qualifications and credibility while simultaneously showcasing your research, innovations, products, and services to grab the attention of campus sustainability staff, executive administrators, faculty, staff, and students!

Don’t miss out on your chance to directly reach the individuals who influence and make purchasing decisions at their institution!

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When are Sustainable Solutions sessions?

These 45-minute sessions will be held throughout the live conference event dates of Oct. 18, Oct. 26 and Nov. 3.

Reasons to Participate

  • Demonstrate Thought Leadership: Gain recognition for your successes by sharing your experiences and lessons learned on the largest stage for sustainability in higher education. You’ll be able to illustrate how your business is helping campuses address sustainability.
  • Advance the Sustainability Movement: From engaging attendees with your sustainability story to empowering others with insights, tools and solutions that your business provides, your participation will enhance the community’s sustainability knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Strengthen Your Skills: Each presentation is an opportunity to refine your presentation skills and to experiment with new audience engagement techniques.
  • Build Community: Sharing your work and now your business can help campuses achieve their sustainability goals is a great way to make connections and find partners within the AASHE community. It encourages increased peer-to-peer learning, networking and collaboration to support a stronger campus sustainability community.
  • Make the Right Connections: “To see new products or services.” was the most selected choice when attendees were asked, “What was the reason you visited the Expo Hall?” GCSHE attendees want to hear from businesses that can be strategic partners in their efforts to address sustainability on campus.


  • Does It Cost to Participate?
    2022 GCSHE confirmed sponsors may present a 45-minute session within the Sustainable Solutions track complimentary and confirmed exhibitors may add this unique opportunity for $750.  

    Not a Sponsor or Exhibitor? Sign up now and reach sustainability leaders or email conference@aashe.org.

  • Who's Attending?
    Access to the Sustainable Solutions track will be available to all registered attendees of the Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education.

    Many attendees are procurement decision makers, sustainability officers and other influential sustainability professionals.

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