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Webinar: Thinking Ahead: A Tale of Joining Environmental and Social Justice Forces for a Stronger Future

May 4, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT


Many organizations have been trialing ways to incorporate sustainability initiatives into their processes as environmental concerns have been elevated by the global community over the years, but there is a clear shift to recognize and represent social justice issues within that context and call attention to the intersectionality of the two. Our presentation will demonstrate how to overhaul existing practices that may be primarily focused on more obvious environmental concerns so they can also address the social justice angle that is often only subtly implied.

Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines often allow for some flexibility with general interpretations of what sustainability means within the context of a particular institution, and perhaps how those needs will be addressed, but if the goal is to create a more authentic value system from within, social justice cannot be omitted from the conversation. In fact, it must be pulled to the forefront and lifted up, particularly in the field of International Education when interactions with local communities is often the primary goal for a program. That doesn’t mean you have to start your sustainability plans over though, and we want to address how we as a collective group are adjusting to growing demands of what it means to truly be sustainably focused.

Committee members from both sustainability and DEI groups can benefit with a shared plan so goals and talents can be amplified rather than compete against one another. Our session will give opportunities for participants to share their experiences, struggles, and victories as we all work towards common goals. It’s not uncommon to face pushback from within an organization due to time commitments, assessment of leader qualifications, and concerns around whether an exercise is required, or volunteer based only. Using our own experience of adjusting our Choose Earth Certificate to highlight social justice contexts, we will encourage an interactive dialogue on how to incorporate people within conversations about the planet.

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Molly Laycob, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, WorldStrides

Hello! I am thrilled to be back attending and presenting at AASHE for the fourth time. While I am not a student or university staff member, I work in the Higher Education sector of Study Abroad. I am the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at WorldStrides, where I implement sustainability initiatives across the organization for both students and staff alike.

Kate Headshot

Kate McSurley, Senior Program Manager, Sustainability Coordinator, TEAN by WorldStrides

Kate has worked for TEAN for the better part of a decade, focusing on enrollment management, academics, health & safety and sustainability. She first traveled abroad as a participant of TEAN, studying in Australia at the University of Queensland. She has been a member of TEAN’s Choose Earth for four years which has strengthened her passion for environmental and social justice initiatives. Kate holds a BA in English/Communications from Saint Xavier University and earned her M.A. in English at DePaul University, both in Chicago.



May 4, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT
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