For working with members, sponsors, partners and other collaborators

AASHE values the important role that all sectors play in advancing global sustainability. Higher education along with businesses, governments and civil society organizations around the globe can, and do, have significant impacts on human and ecological health. While we believe that higher education is the foundation for creating a thriving, equitable and ecologically healthy world, we embrace and support the contributions of all sectors of industry and society in order to enact meaningful change that results in secure livelihoods and a better world for all generations.

AASHE works with a wide variety of partners to help advance our mission to inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation. We proactively seek out relationships that align with our mission and then evaluate these to ensure they meet our principles of engagement. The nature of our relationships can take on many forms, including partnerships, memberships, donations, sponsorships and more. With any relationship, there must be clear benefits and a direct connection to our mission.

All partnerships with other entities must meet these principles of engagement.

  • The engagement must be consistent with AASHE’s mission and values and should respect the sensitivities of our members, donors and partners.
  • The engagement must advance an AASHE strategic goal or priority.
  • The engagement must result in meaningful and equitable benefits to all parties.
  • AASHE’s relationship with another entity is in no way an implied or real endorsement of a corporation, industry, policy, product, service or program. All public communications regarding any engagement are subject to prior agreement by AASHE and the other party. No entity may use AASHE’s name and/or trademarks without explicit written permission.
  • We prefer to work with entities that share our commitment to advancing sustainability. AASHE will give preference to entities that have policies or practices to address their significant environmental impacts and/or social responsibilities and that report transparently on their progress in implementing them.
  • We recognize that no entity is flawless in its environmental and social impacts, and perhaps the greatest opportunities exist with those who have yet to make major commitments to sustainability and social responsibility. However, in keeping with our values, we will not work with entities whose reputation, policies and practices present a material risk to AASHE’s reputation or ability to achieve its objectives. These risks include environmental risks; human rights violations or similar abuses; prosecution for illegalities; regulatory compliance failures or a highly-publicized controversy.
  • In conjunction with any engagement, AASHE may accept funds from an entity to support the development of a particular project, initiative, product or service when it does not compromise AASHE’s independence, objectivity and values, and does not conflict with an existing engagement.
  • We will not engage in any relationship that jeopardizes its status as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Partners help advance our mission to inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation.
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