Attendees Connecting

Social Media Promotion
Make sure your friends know that you will be attending AASHE’s Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education (#GCSHE) using the email signature copy, newsletter blurb and social media posts provided below. Additionally, be sure to use our official hashtag #GCSHE across all platforms.

Involve Your Colleagues
Share conference information with your colleagues and ask them for input on which educational sessions would benefit the institution the most. Offer to share access to the conference presentations after the event. Please note: We cannot guarantee all conference presentations will be available as they are uploaded post-conference on a voluntary basis by our presenters. You can also ask for input on the vendors about which they would be interested in learning more so you can be sure to connect with them in the expo hall.

Additionally, be sure to maintain a list of ideas you want to implement or develop further when you return. You can then summarize this list and provide an executive report for your employer. By doing so, you demonstrate the value in attending and plant the seeds for attendance at future annual conferences.

Review the Schedule
Review the conference schedule and identify the sessions you are most interested in attending that support your professional goals and aspirations. NOTE: The conference schedule is available each summer to attendees.

Promote Your Presence
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