Opportunity to be a Center for Sustainability Across the Curriculum

AASHE has put out a call in Fall 2016 seeking partner institutions or organizations to help us develop and pilot a "Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum" program. 13 institutions were chosen for this program in 2017.


Program Goals

To ensure that all students have the knowledge, skills and motivation to be leaders for sustainability requires a significant increase in the number of courses that incorporate sustainability themes. Over the last decade, AASHE’s Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshops have trained hundreds of faculty leaders at institutions around the country to catalyze curriculum change on their campuses. Based on the pioneering success of the Ponderosa Project at Northern Arizona University and the Piedmont Project at Emory University, this model has now been implemented successfully at dozens of institutions around the country. Indeed, some institutions have organized sustainability across the curriculum workshops for many years and have developed significant expertise in how to organize such workshops.

The Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum program aims to build on the expertise of these institutions by supporting them in organizing workshops that are open to faculty from other institutions in the region. Each center will develop its own pedagogy and content for these workshops. The overall goal of this program is to significantly accelerate the infusion of sustainability content into curriculum.

Expectations of Pilot Centers

Centers will be expected to organize at least one sustainability across the curriculum workshop annually that is open to faculty from other institutions. This would include: untitled6_2.png

  • Developing content for the workshops
  • Promoting the workshops to faculty in their region (e.g., by sending invitations to the presidents and deans of faculty of other institutions)
  • Coordinating logistical details associated with the workshop (e.g., food, space and lodging for participants)
  • Providing AASHE with a brief report after each workshop that includes: the agenda and course/workshop outline, a list of resources/materials used and a list of participants

AASHE’s Role

AASHE will support Centers by:

  • Publicizing the workshops to AASHE’s contacts within the region
  • Hosting a searchable online database of syllabi that incorporates sustainability themes to which participants will be encouraged to submit new or revised syllabi
  • Developing and distributing a standardized post-workshop evaluation to participants and sharing the responses with the Centers
  • Providing example agendas, budget worksheets and other materials to facilitate workshop organization
  • Recognizing participating institutions as a Sustainability Across the Curriculum Partner wherever appropriate

Pilot Centers will collaborate with AASHE to further refine the roles of AASHE and the Centers, including the implementation of a revenue share to help cover AASHE’s cost of administering the program.

Any questions? Please contact Daita Serghi, Programs Coordinator, at daita.serghi@aashe.org