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This has been one of the best newsletters in my inbox. Always helpful, always to the point.
-- Sharon Carter Matthews, Director of Global Initiatives, Boston Architectural College

AASHE Bulletin is a free, weekly e-newsletter that delivers the latest campus sustainability news, opportunities, events and job listings in the U.S. and Canada. It is published each Tuesday, and one issue a month is a Global Edition. There are currently more than 10,000 subscribers, including readers from higher education, nonprofit organizations, and business.

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Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis, with a deadline of Wednesday at noon Eastern for publication in the next issue. To submit an item for consideration, email a link to the story, press release, resource, opportunity, job or event announcement to bulletin@aashe.org. Please avoid sending attachments.

AASHE Bulletin is a great vehicle for publicizing your campus sustainability successes and job openings. You do not have to be an AASHE member to submit. Before submitting items for consideration, please review the guidelines below and examine previous issues for examples of types of stories we cover and the format we use. These guidelines are also intended to keep the length of the Bulletin manageable. 

Bulletin holidays
2014: Oct. 28, Dec. 23, Dec. 30
2015: Oct. 27, Dec. 22, Dec. 29

News Guidelines

  • We focus on submissions that are directly relevant to higher education sustainability.
  • We focus on new achievements rather than ongoing initiatives. For example, LEED certification of a new building would fit, but an article about a campus's green building efforts in general would not.
  • To keep the Bulletin timely, we generally do not include items that took place more than two months before the submission date.
  • We cannot include stories on the participation of an individual campus in events that include multiple campuses, such as RecycleMania and Campus Sustainability Day. Instead, we generally post one story covering the entire event. Click here for an example.
  • Awards: We cover awards and recognition from national or multi-state regional entities only.
  • Green Buildings: We include EITHER the completion/dedication of a green building OR the receipt of formal certification (but not both).
  • Climate Action: We generally post one story that summarizes submissions of Climate Action Plans and Greenhouse Gas inventories in the recent past. In the interest of space, we typically do not cover these separately. Click here for an example.
  • Sustainability Plans and Reports: In the interest of space, we generally cover the initial release of a sustainability plan or report, but not subsequent plans or progress reports. We are in the process of identifying ways to cover significant milestones toward sustainability goals.
  • STARS: Ratings are covered in summary stories at regular intervals. Click here for an example.

Guidelines for "New Resources"
The New Resources section of the Bulletin includes resources recently published by AASHE along with other resources submitted by campuses and other organizations. Examples include campus sustainability reports; campus sustainability focused whitepapers; new magazines or journals; websites or newsletters focused on campus sustainability; and campus sustainability videos. New resources submitted to the Bulletin should be accessible to the higher education sustainability community at large. See the AASHE Bulletin archives for more examples.

Guidelines for "Opportunities"
This Bulletin section focuses on opportunities for the campus sustainability community. We invite submissions on a national, regional and local level. Surveys directly related to research on campus sustainability - both announcements of such surveys as well as results available online - will be considered for publication. Please send information about the research and a link to the survey or results to bulletin@aashe.org to have it considered for publication.

Guidelines for "Jobs & Internships"
Job ad submissions are free for member organizations and we can only publish positions that are directly focused on advancing sustainability in higher education. We will include the posting in one issue, and it will remain in the Bulletin archives thereafter. If you are a member and wish to submit a job ad, please send a link to where the job is posted online (no attachments please) to bulletin@aashe.org.

Guidelines for "Events"
The Bulletin has a wide geographical readership, therefore submitted events must involve significant participation beyond the city or state/province, and must be focused on higher education sustainability or have a major track clearly dedicated to higher education. Events will be posted one time only, unless it is an AASHE-partnered or sponsored event. All events posted in the Bulletin will also be added to AASHE's Events Calendar.

Sustainability Student Diary Series

Students at colleges and universities worldwide are encouraged to submit diary entries for this popular feature in AASHE's Campus Sustainability Perspectives Blog , which invites comment and encourages interactivity among peers. Diaries should provide a day, week, month or multi-month snapshot of a student-led sustainability effort. Selected diaries will appear in AASHE Bulletin as a featured spotlight with a picture. All higher education institutions are eligible for inclusion as a spotlighted diary. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about student-initiated sustainability efforts.

To submit a diary and have it considered for spotlighting in the Bulletin, please send the following to bulletin@aashe.org:

  • Written diary that explains: (a) the project's initial goal, (b) how and why it was initiated, and (c) the successes and lessons learned. Diaries may have one or multiple entries. There is no word limit but 1,500 words is a good guideline. Ongoing initiatives that haven't reached the completion stage are also encouraged. This is an opportunity to invite feedback from peers.
  • 2-3 photos of your sustainability effort in progress. Please only send photos that you can grant AASHE permission to use.
  • A link for readers to learn more about your institution's sustainability efforts.

Note: We will republish excerpts from sustainability blogs in place of an original diary if given permission. Credit will be given to the original publisher.

Sustainability Student Diary Archives:

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