AASHE's e-Newsletters

AASHE offers three e-newsletters described below. All newsletters are free. To subscribe to any or all newsletters, begin by visiting our sign up form.

AASHE Bulletin

The AASHE Bulletin is a free, weekly e-newsletter that delivers the latest in campus sustainability news, resources, opportunities, events, and jobs and internships. The Bulletin is crowd-sourced, meaning its contents are submitted by the higher education community. Anyone can sign up to receive this newsletter.

AASHE Announcements

AASHE Announcements

The AASHE Announcements e-newsletter is a monthly publication that highlights news, events and important information about AASHE and its members. This newsletter keeps members apprised of important organizational happenings, such as program updates and upcoming events, and promotes member achievements. The information is especially relevant to AASHE members, but is open to all. Sign up to receive this e-newsletter now.

STARS Update

The STARS Update is a periodic e-newsletter designed to keep participants up-to-date on the latest STARS technical developments, publications, deadlines, tips and tools. It is published approximately four times a year. The information is especially relevant to STARS participants, but is open to all. Sign up to receive this e-newsletter.