Sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority within higher education administration due to its impacts on finance, student enrollment and more. AASHE not only provides resources related to all of these topics, but has several recognition programs to help make your college or university stand out! Below is a list of links and ideas to help you, as well as fellow administrators and executives take advantage of all that AASHE has to offer.

Featured Resources

STARS is a key resource to recognize institutions’ efforts in advancing sustainability. See if your institution is among the STARS Participants and Rated institutions!
Campus Sustainability Hub
AASHE’s newest resource is designed to raise visibility of institutions’ sustainability programs and materials, and to facilitate information sharing between campuses and organizations.
2016 Sustainable Campus Index
See if your institution is among the top performers in advancing campus sustainability! This publication is based on top overall and subcategory scores submitted through STARS, and is released every fall.

More Resources

Watch live and on-demand webinars on just about every aspect of sustainability in higher education.
Gain recognition for your institution’s sustainability efforts in the best weekly news source for the higher education sustainability community.
Save on products and services by connecting with AASHE’s business and nonprofit members.
Be proud! Share that your institution is a member of an organization committed to advancing sustainability in higher education.

Opportunities & Announcements

Discover how sustainability is smart business for higher education and learn how to more powerfully articulate the value of sustainability with this new publication.
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