From Reactive to Proactive: Findings From Analyzing 400 School Buildings

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Webinar recording and presentation slides are available in the Campus Sustainability Hub.

Webinar Date:
March 20, 2017, 3:00-4:00PM ET

Facility teams are extremely busy, and have a growing workload that is tackled with resources that are spread increasingly thin. Automating even a small portion of their jobs can free them up to solve issues proactively, move ahead with energy savings, adopt a more efficient workflow, and create a better experience for their occupants.

Take a look over the fence at best practices in the day-to-day operations of Facility Teams at UNH, Gonzaga, and Macalester. Using these case studies, discover strategies for leveraging analytics to improve your team's efficiency, make actionable short-term goals, verify results, and drive change in your building portfolio.

Significant time will be given for discussion and the speakers are also open to hosting future conversations in the wake of the webinar.

Brice Kosnik, CEO, BuildPulse
kosnik.jpgBrice Kosnik began his career in the HVAC control industry after studying physics and applied mathematical modeling at Washington State University. He specialized in network efficiency and optimization. In 2009 Brice become the President of BASiX Automation in New Hampshire, and was an early integrator of KGS Building Analytics. At BASiXs he worked directly with Universities, School Districts, Hospitals and Municipalities, on energy optimization and data management. Before returning to Seattle to Start BuildPulse Inc, a software platform for Continuous Commissioning and Fault Detection and Diagnostics.

Jason Burt, Head of Product, BuildPulse
burt.jpg Jason has a background in customer acquisition and development. From E-commerce to Saas he has built products to take complicated information and surface it in easy to consume ways.