AASHE Advisory Council Description

AASHE’s Advisory Council supports the organization’s growth and development and advises staff and board members on complex or specialized matters as well as general programmatic goals and direction.

Criteria for membership

Advisory Council members:

  • Have a demonstrated commitment to AASHE’s activities.
  • Have knowledge of the principles of sustainability and a strong commitment to achieving a just and sustainable society.

Are firmly committed to improving the learning experience of college and university students and to seeing sustainability modeled on campuses and in their surrounding communities.

Roles & Responsibilities of AASHE Advisory Council Members

  • Provide advice on strategic direction and programs to AASHE’s Board of Directors and staff.
  • Promote AASHE to colleagues and connect the organization with leaders and funders who can assist in advancing the organization’s mission.
  • Sponsor/support AASHE activities and attend AASHE-sponsored events.
  • Promote linkages between sustainability in higher education and in businesses, nonprofits, and government.

There are no formal meetings of the Advisory Council members. Members will be consulted by email regarding issues on which AASHE needs advice.
Members are invited to attend the annual business meeting and hosted receptions at conferences.


The Advisory Council consists of 25-75 leaders from higher education, business, nonprofit, and government sectors, nominated by AASHE members, volunteers and staff, and approved by the Board of Directors.
Appointments are normally made once a year at the annual meeting.
Term of service is three years, renewable. Terms are staggered to avoid a complete turnover every three years.
Membership in AASHE by an Advisory Council member’s institution or business is required (with exceptions made in some circumstances).
Changes to the Advisory Council structure, criteria or responsibilities must be approved by the Board of Directors.