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Webinar: Alternative Economies: Libraries of Things, Free Swaps, and Other Sustainable Solutions for Campuses

December 4 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Our endless growth economy has led to rampant overproduction and pressure to constantly consume, driving destructive resource extraction, pollution, and waste and contributing to the climate and extinction crises. With a transient student body coming and going each year, colleges and universities are well acquainted with the resulting over-abundance of things and the unequal distribution of them. Increasingly, people are turning to solutions that emphasize sharing, mutualism, and co-operation and exploring alternative economies that center health, well-being, and equity.

This presentation will share stories and examples from these movements. From borrowing systems like Libraries of Things to pack-out programs and free swaps, there are a multitude of ways institutions of higher education can implement sharing, re-use, and redistribution on campus. This presentation will highlight the role of our current economic system in the climate crisis and propose solutions that address this connection.

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Malia Becker, Organizer, Center for Biological Diversity

Malia Becker leads creative outreach campaigns at the Center for Biological Diversity addressing the intersection of endless growth, reproductive health, inequitable consumption, and the wildlife extinction crisis. She manages two campaigns focused on alternative economies and reproductive rights: Simplify the Holidays and Endangered Species Condoms. Before joining the Center, Malia worked in healthcare patient access and administration. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Macalester College in geography and public health.

Chandler Poole, Alternative Economies Fellow, Center for Biological Diversity


Ben Auger, Facilities Engagement Coordinator, George Mason University


Savannah Robledo, Organizer, Post-Landfill Action Network


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