AASHE-Partnered Publications

A Guide for Applied Sustainability Learning Projects

This How-To Guide provides a step-by-step framework for how applied learning for sustainability programs can be designed, built and scaled. It brings together lessons from on-the-ground management of applied learning for sustainability programs across the US and Canada with literature related to sustainability science, sustainability pedagogy, change management and partnership development. Written by Fletcher Beaudoin and Katja Brundiers. Edited by AASHE and published in March 2017.

Guide to Creating & Managing Sustainability Internship Programs

This How-To Guide explores best practices for establishing and managing highly effective Sustainability Internship Programs (SIPs). It presents valuable information for individuals seeking guidance on creating new SIPs, or for those looking to change or improve the ongoing management of existing SIPs. Written by Emilie Rex and Josh Stoffel. Edited by AASHE and published in December 2014.


Sustainable Procurement Toolkit

With support from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, AASHE is pleased to provide this sustainable purchasing toolkit which includes resources that support sustainable procurement at higher education institutions. Included in this toolkit is a webinar series on sustainable procurement, purchasing resources in the AASHE Resource Center, and more. Published Spring 2014.


How-to Guide: Campus Green Fund Implementation

Developed in partnership with the Campus Green Funds Collaborative, the Guide outlines best practices and lessons learned in designing, managing, promoting, and evaluating campus green funds and their respective projects. A new Campus Sustainability Green Funds Database has been released in tandem with the publication, providing information on green funds at over 130 higher education institutions. Published Fall 2013.

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The Sustainable Landscapes Guide

Developed in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, this “how-to” guide to promoting sustainable campus landscapes is designed to help you help others understand and support the sustainable benefits of the campus landscape. It presents ideas for engaging others and effectively communicating the importance of outdoor spaces in order to build awareness and ensure broad support from the campus and surrounding community. Published Summer 2013.

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Green Revolving Funds: An Introductory Guide to Implementation and Management

Co-published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) and AASHE, the Guide provides practical guidance for designing, implementing, and managing a green revolving fund (GRF) at a college or university. Based on interviews with presidents, facility managers, sustainability directors, and chief financial officers, the 27-page publication features a 10-step road map for a successful fund, a section on the "anatomy" of a GRF, and solutions to common obstacles in implementing a GRF. The Guide also contains information on the Billion Dollar Green Challenge and related resources. Published January 2013.

Greening the Bottom Line 2012

In collaboration with AASHE and other partner organizations, this Sustainable Endowments Institute publication highlights current trends based on a 2012 survey of 79 green revolving funds (GRFs) at 76 institutions with $111 million in capital collectively committed. The report explains the significance of these funds, describes some institutional challenges, and details the evolving GRF model. Published in 2012.

Student Sustainability Educators: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining an Eco-Rep Program

Co-published by AASHE and National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program, this step-by-step guide takes readers through the design, implementation and evaluation stages of an Eco-Rep program. It includes case studies, best practices, and example materials such as recruiting tools and sample job descriptions. Published in 2012.
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Starting from Scratch: Greening Your Game Day
The Collegiate Football Sustainable Materials Management Toolkit Version 1.0

Supported by AASHE, Keep America Beautiful, and the College and University Recycling Coalition, this toolkit provides a guide for institutions of higher education across the country to implement or improve their game day recycling and sustainability efforts. Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a national panel of higher education representatives, the toolkit originated with a comprehensive survey distributed and evaluated in spring 2011 by a team of students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Published in 2011.

Sustainability and Catholic Higher Education: A Toolkit for Mission Integration

Eight U.S. Catholic organizations published this toolkit in partnership with AASHE. It is designed for Catholic colleges and universities to strengthen Catholic mission and sustainability on campus and publicly commit themselves to mission-based sustainability by becoming a Catholic Climate Covenant Partner. Published in 2011.

Greening the Bottom Line: The Trend toward Green Revolving Funds on Campus

In collaboration with AASHE and 10 other partner organizations, this Sustainable Endowments Institute publication highlights current trends based on a 2010 survey of green revolving funds that included 52 institutions with at least $66 million invested through green revolving funds. The report details how these funds help cut operating expenses and GHG emissions and how savings replenish the fund for investment in the next round of upgrades. Published in 2011.

Roadmap to a Green Campus

This U.S. Green Building Council publication, with support from AASHE, provides strategies for using the LEED green building certification program as a framework for developing campus-wide sustainability plans. The document references more than 100 tools and resources including profiles of institutional success stories. Published in 2010. More details.

Climate Neutral Campus Report (available for $49.99).

This report by Kyoto Publishing, in collaboration with AASHE and USGBC, aims to educate major stakeholders about the successful initiatives and rapid return on investment that colleges and universities are achieving. It features white papers, case studies and interviews with practitioners showing how sustainability is being driven by every sector of campus. Published in 2010. More details. Contents can also be found online.

Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives: Breaking Through Barriers

Published by Rocky Mountain Institute with support from AASHE, this is a practical guide for anyone working to reduce GHG emissions on campus. Offering real-world examples, the book helps readers overcome barriers to implementing energy-saving solutions. Published in November 2009.


Raise the Funds: Campus Action Toolkit

This is a guide to funding mechanisms for campus sustainability projects and initiatives for students, staff and administrators. It was released in November 2008.

A Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy

This guide is intended to help universities, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions - as well as those advocating for food system change - create, promote and implement practical sustainable food purchasing policies. The document is a product of the Sustainable Food Policy Project, which was initiated in 2006 to support efforts by educational, healthcare and other institutions to have a positive impact on the food system through purchasing. It was released in November 2007.