AASHE Monographs

This resource lists AASHE monographs, reports, and "how-to" guides published since 2006. Readers may also wish to see AASHE's annual higher education sustainability reviews, listed separately.

landscape How-to Guide: Promoting Sustainable Campus Landscapes

This “how-to” guide to promoting sustainable campus landscapes is designed to help you help others understand and support the sustainable benefits of the campus landscape. It presents ideas for engaging others and effectively communicating the importance of outdoor spaces in order to build awareness and ensure broad support from the campus and surrounding community.

heinz Higher Education Sustainability in Pittsburgh
Highlights from the AASHE 2011 Campus Tours

Supported by the Heinz Endowments, this AASHE publication profiles the sustainability innovations of the Pittsburgh institutions that hosted campus tours during the AASHE 2011 conference. Profiled innovations include green building design, waste elimination, alternative transportation options, climate positive goals and community partnerships toward sustainability. Compiled from tour materials, surveys and follow-up interviews, this report also captures the knowledge gained and lessons learned by the tour participants.

call to action2 Sustainability Curriculum in Higher Education: A Call to Action

This report is a culmination of the ideas presented during AASHE’s Summit on Sustainability in the Curriculum to address how higher education institutions can further infuse sustainability topics into college and university curricula. Recognizing the scale of the challenges faced by higher education and the urgency with which changes must be addressed, this report includes opportunities for building on further strategies and gives recommendations for broad national strategies for meeting these challenges.

cap guide Cool Campus! A How-To Guide for College and University Climate Action Planning

This manual is designed to assist colleges and universities in creating climate action plans. It is intended to fill the gap in currently available resources by outlining a how-to approach for each of the various steps required to develop and implement a plan for campus climate leadership. It was released in July 2009.

A wiki version of this report is also available.


Creating a Campus Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund: A Guide for Students

This publication describes innovative and powerful mechanisms for financing sustainability projects on campus including energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations. The guide provides step-by-step guidance for establishing revolving loan funds for campus sustainability, based on the experiences of the authors in setting up such a fund at Macalester College. It was released in April 2007.