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Welcome! The new career field of campus sustainability officer (encompassing coordinators, managers, directors, and chief sustainability officers) is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is often hard to keep up. If you are a campus sustainability officer, or if your institution is considering creating such a position, the resources below are designed to assist you.

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News & Case Studies

AASHE Case Studies database
AASHE Bulletin database

Building the Green Economy

Product & Service Directory of AASHE Business Members

Building the Profession

Example job descriptions
AASHE surveys of staffing, salaries, and positions
Creating an Environmental Coordinator Position: A Portfolio of Case Studies (pdf) (2000)
Campus Sustainability Practitioners: Challenges for a New Profession (pdf) (2005)
The Sustainability Professional: 2010 Competency Survey Report (pdf) (2010)
STARS Technical Manual (comprehensive guide to campus sustainability planning)

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Professional Development Opportunities

Campus sustainability events calendar
Sustainability Officers Workshop
Sustainability Officers Retreat
Regional organizations
AASHE webinars

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Campus Sustainability Discussion Forums
AASHE’s Facebook page
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Directory of Campus Sustainability Officers - find a colleague


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