Student Peer-to-Peer Sustainability Education Programs

This resource lists student peer-to-peer sustainability outreach programs, often called Eco-Rep programs. Generally, these serve the residential sector of campus and are sponsored by a department such as recycling, residential life, or the campus sustainability office. See also Student Sustainability Educators: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining an Eco-Rep Program on Campus.

Institution Program
Agnes Scott College Environmental Resident Program
Allegheny College EcoReps Program
American University Green Eagles Eco-Rep Program
Auburn University Res Life Eco-Reps
Babson College Eco-Reps
Bard College EcoReps
Barnard College Eco-Reps
Bowdoin College ECO-Reps
Brandeis University Eco-Reps
Brown University Eco-Reps
California State University, Chico Environmental Ambassadors
Carnegie Mellon University Eco-Reps
Champlain College EcoReps Program
Clark University Eco-Reps
Coastal Carolina University Eco-Reps
Colorado State University Eco Leaders
Columbia University Eco-Reps
Connecticut College Environmental Representatives
Cornell University EcoRep Program
Dalhousie University Residence Ecolympics
Dartmouth College ECO Reps
Delta College Eco Reps
DePauw University DePauw Eco-Reps
Dickinson College Eco Reps Program
Drew University Eco-Reps
Duke University Students for Sustainable Living
Elon University Eco-Reps
Grand Valley State University Ecological Representatives
Green Mountain College GMC Eco-Reps Program
Harvard University Resource Efficiency Program
Business School Green Living Program
Harvard Law Green Living Program
Ithaca College Resource Representatives Program
Johns Hopkins University ECO-Reps
Johnson State College Eco-Reps
Judson University Student Sustainability Reps
Keene State College Eco-Reps
Middlebury College Residential Sustainability Coordinators
Mount Holyoke College Eco-Reps
New York University Eco-Reps program
North Carolina State University NC State Stewards
Northwestern University Eco-Reps
Pennsylvania State University Eco-Reps
Phillips Exeter Academy Environmental Proctors (E-Proctors)
Portland State University EcoReps
Princeton University Eco-Reps
Ramapo College of New Jersey Sustainable Living Facilities
Rice University EcoRep Program
Seattle University Sustainability Education and Engagement Delegates (SEED)
Sewanee - The University of the South Environmental Resident Program
Skidmore College ECO-REP Program
Smith College Earth Reps
St. Olaf College SustainAbilities
Stanford University Green Living Council
State University of New York at Cortland Green Reps
Swarthmore College Green Advisors
Taylor University Sustainability Assistants
Texas A&M University Aggie Eco-Representatives
The University of Arizona Eco-Reps
The University of New Mexico Eco-Reps
Tufts University Eco-Representatives
University at Albany Sustainability Council
University of British Columbia Sustainability Ambassadors program
Sustainability in Residence Program
University of California, Berkeley Residential Sustainability Education Coordinators (RSECs)
University of California, Davis Positive Impact, Sustainability Interns
University of California, San Diego Econauts
University of Colorado Boulder Green Teams
University of Kentucky Eco-Rep Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst Eco-Rep Program
University of Michigan Planet Blue Student Ambassador Program
University of Missouri Sustainability Peer Resource Outreach (SPROUT)
University of New Hampshire Energy Waste Watch Challenge
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Residential Green Games
University of North Texas Eco-Reps (Go Green)
University of Northern Iowa UNI Energy Team
University of Pennsylvania Eco-Reps Program
University of South Carolina EcoReps Program
University of Tennessee at Knoxville Eco-Vols
University of Texas at Arlington ecoReps
University of Vermont Eco-Reps Program
University of Virginia Sustainability Advocacy Program
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Eco-Reps Program
Western Washington University Residents' Resource Awareness Program
Yale University Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership (STEP)