Top Ten Solar Photovoltaic Installations Lists

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These top ten lists are based only on information submitted to AASHE's solar photovoltaic database resource. If you know of a campus solar installation that is not listed, click here to add it to this resource. All submissions will be reviewed by AASHE staff before published.

Top Ten Roof Mount Installations

The ten largest roof top mounted solar photovoltaic installations based on capacity.

# Institution Name Year Complete Capacity (kW)
1. University of California, Davis 2011 4,008
2. Arizona State University 2012 2,000
3. California State University, Fullerton 2012 1,600
4. California State University, Fullerton 2012 1,600
5. University of San Diego 2010 1,230
6. University of California, San Diego 2008 1,185
7. California Institute of Technology 2010 1,176
8. Santa Clara University 2010 1,050
9. California State University, East Bay 2004 1,010
10. University of California, Irvine 2009 895

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