Campus Climate Action Plans

This resource is a list of existing climate action plans for campuses.  The list is organized into two sections: first, climate action plans; second, publications useful to preparing a climate action plan. In addition, please visit the AASHE Climate Action Planning Wiki to learn more about and contribute to campus climate action planning.
Note: This resource list was created prior to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) reporting tool. As such, it is not comprehensive for all campuses that are participating in the ACUPCC. For a complete listing of climate action plans from ACUPCC signatories, please visit the ACUPCC online reporting tool.

Climate Action Plans

Bolded plans have been formally adopted by the institution.. 

Organization Climate Action Plan
Appalachian State University Towards Climate Neutrality
Babson College Sustainability and Climate Action Plan
Brown University Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee Policy Recommendations
Calvin College Carbon Neutrality Project (pdf)
College of the Atlantic Carbon NetZero
Columbia University Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 2005-06 and Action Plan (pdf)
Johns Hopkins University President's Task Force on Climate Change Final Report
Middlebury College Carbon Neutrality at Middlebury College
New York University Climate Action Plan
North Carolina State University NCSU Climate Action Plan
Oberlin College Oberlin College: A Plan to be Climate Neutral
Pomona College Sustainability Action Plan

San Francisco State University

Climate Action Plan (pdf)
Santa Clara University Climate Action Plan (pdf)
University at Buffalo UB Green Climate Action Report
University of California, Berkeley UC Berkeley 2009 Climate Action Plan (pdf)
University of California, Berkeley UC Berkeley Climate Action Partnership Feasibility Study 2006-2007 Final Report (pdf)
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Climate Action Plan
University of California, Merced UC Merced Climate Action Plan
University of California, San Diego UC San Diego Climate Action Plan
University of Colorado Boulder Creating a Climate-Friendly Campus (pdf)
University of Delaware Climate Action Plan (pdf)
University of Florida Carbon Neutral Assessment Project (pdf)
University of New Mexico Climate Action Plan (pdf)
Western Washington University Western Washington University Climate Action Plan (pdf)
William and Mary College "Public Great and Global" William & Mary and the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment: A Path for Leadership Responsibility (pdf)
Williams College Report of the Climate Action Committee
Yale University Yale's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy (pdf)

Other Publications

The below publications are included to assist campuses in creating their Climate Action Plans.  Many of these publications are greenhouse gas inventories that include strategies and recommendations.  Users of this resource may also be interested in our more comprehensive list of greenhouse gas inventories

Organization Publication
Colby College Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report (doc)
College of Charleston Greenhouse Gas Audit 1993-2001 (pdf)
Duke University Charting a Path to Greenhouse Gas Reductions (pdf)
Harvard University Report of the Harvard University Task Force on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Pennsylvania State University A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Projection for the University Park Campus of the Pennsylvania State University (pdf)
Pomona College Climate Neutral Pomona College: 2006-2007 Annual Report to The Presidents (pdf)
Rice University University 303: The Impact of CO2 (pdf)
Smith College A Comprehensive Inventory from 1990-2004 and Suggestions for Future Emissions Reductions (pdf)
The Evergreen State College Carbon Neutrality by 2020: The Evergreen State College's Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory (pdf)
Tufts University Tufts Climate Initiative CO2 Reduction Strategy
University of California Santa Cruz Energy and Climate
University of Iowa UI Energy Plan
University of Kansas Climate Action Plan for the University of Kansas (pdf)
University of New Hampshire WildCAP - UNH Climate Action Plan
The University of Vermont Climate Action Plan: Initial Research (pdf)
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Campus Sustainability Plan (pdf)
Wellesley College Wellesley College's Greenhouse Gas Emissions (pdf)
Yale University Inventory and Analysis of Yale University's Greenhouse Emissions (pdf) ; Mitigation Strategies Report (pdf)