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Annual Atlanta Global Studies Symposium

The Atlanta Global Studies Symposium fosters collaboration among institutions of higher education, the public and the community, and the k-12 sector in the Atlanta region and beyond through education, research, and outreach about global, regional, and international studies and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

This Way to Sustainability Conference

This Way to Sustainability Conference is a nationally recognized, student-run sustainability conference held each year at the Chico State campus. This non-profit event hosts over 100 sustainability professionals from throughout the country who come together to educate and collaborate on a variety of sustainability related topics during this two day event.  Attendees include students, faculty […]

Opportunities for Recycling Campus Water Through Water Recycling

The presentation begins with an overview that traces campus water consumption from source to end consumptive use. It then moves into the range of opportunities and challenges involved in use of reclaimed treated sewage effluent for beneficial use in cooling towers, toilets, and other non-potable applications on university campuses to achieve substantial reductions in campus […]