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These businesses are committed to advancing sustainability in higher education. Become a sponsor or exhibitor today and engage new customers in these critical discussions.

Changemaker Sponsor

My Green Lab

My Green Lab is a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science. The organization is the world leader in developing internationally recognized sustainability standards for laboratories and laboratory products—bringing sustainability to the community responsible for the world’s life-changing medical and technical innovations. [PARAGRAPH BREAK] Laboratories are some of the most resource-intensive spaces in any industry, but they don’t have to be. By introducing a new perspective and proven best practices within a carefully crafted framework, My Green Lab has inspired tens of thousands of scientists and lab professionals to make a positive change in their labs by reducing the environmental impact of their work.

Innovator Sponsor

Busch Systems

Busch Systems is an innovative, passion-driven group of people who design, recommend and customize recycling and waste solutions for different collection programs across various industries. They’ve been delivering recycling and waste solutions for over 35 years and are the #1 rated brand in the industry according to Trustpilot!

It is their mission to support everyone who cares about waste diversion with leading-edge products and services that maximize the quantity and quality of their recycling program. Busch Systems believes in treating clients and each other with respect and enthusiasm and are dedicated to philanthropic efforts and activities on and off the company clock!

Media Sponsor

Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability and Climate Change is a peer-reviewed publication by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers and is dedicated to furthering the science of sustainability, sustainable development and climate change. The Journal provides a forum for original research papers, as well as a compelling mix of feature article content—breaking news, commentaries, perspectives and reviews—that supplement the research and highlight the social, ethical and business issues facing the field.

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