Sponsors, Exhibitors and Host Institutions will be given access to their booth on Oct. 1. In preparation, please review and prepare the below assets to have ready for upload.

Each virtual booth can include:

  • One short video about your organization (we recommend 90 seconds or less)
  • Your organization’s logo (no larger than 400 pixels wide)
  • A company description
  • Public and private text chat with attendees
  • A company Zoom room for demos or video chat
  • Links to the organization’s website, blog, and social media channels
  • Downloadable resources such as brochures, white papers, fliers, etc.
  • Raffle or giveaway promotion

Things to Prepare

Organization Logo No larger than 400 pixels wide
Organization Video Recommended run time = ~90 seconds
Only one video file per company
Video file size should be less than 1.8 GB
Accepted File Types: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV
Accepted video file size limit includes:

  • 640×360 standard definition with 2mbs-5mbs bitrate
  • 1280×720 with 5mbs-10mbs bitrate
  • 1920×1080 HD with 10mbs-20mbs bitrate
Downloadable Resources Examples include brochures, fliers or white papers. We recommend 3-5 resources, but there is no volume limit.
Organization Description Who you are, what you offer and what campus sustainability solutions you can provide.
Contest & Promotion Offer a raffle or a giveaway in your booth and be featured on the Hubb’s Sponsor Raffle page, encouraging even more traffic to your booth. Draft a short description highlighting what you’re offering and how booth visitors qualify for entry (recommended: Attendees click on the “Email Me More Information” button). Example: “Click on Email Me More Information to be entered to win a free product from our company”
Scavenger Hunt Questions (if applicable)
Eligible to all sponsors and for exhibitors who have purchased the Scavenger Hunt Participation. You will provide AASHE with up to 3 questions that have answers hidden in your virtual booth (in your Organization Video, in one of your Resources or your Organization Description).  Attendees will have to search your virtual booth to find the answers to be eligible to win prizes (provided by AASHE). If you would like to add the Scavenger Hunt to your sponsorship, please contact Kimberly.Smith@aashe.org.

Update Your Booth

  • Update Your Company Information
    • If you need to make updates to your company profile in Hubb, you can do so in the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal (make sure your drop-down in the upper left-hand corner reads “Sponsor & Exhibitor” portal).
    • From the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, click on Company Information and click on your company name.
    • Click on the Edit button in the top right corner:
    • From here, you can edit your company information
  • Upload Your Company Logo and Resources
  • Upload Your Welcome Video
  • Optional: Upload Additional Video Resources
  • Booth Personnel – We will be adding your booth personnel to the platform as they registered.  If someone is missing or needs to be removed, please contact Kimberly.Smith@aashe.org.
    • Invitations to access the virtual conference platform (the Hubb) will be sent via email from aashe@hubb.me.

What’s Next?

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