Mateo Nube

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 7:00 p.m. ET
Co-Director, Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project

If a solution further concentrates control over land or water or labor or life itself into the hands of the few… it’s one step farther away from just transition.


Mateo Nube is one of the co-founders of the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.  He was born and grew up in La Paz, Bolivia.  Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, he has worked in the labor, environmental justice and international solidarity movements.  Mateo is the son of Barbara and the fortunate father of Maya and Nilo.  He is also a member of the Latin rock band Los Nadies. Mateo is the national co-chair of the Climate Justice Alliance’s Steering Committee.

Mateo will share Movement Generation’s pioneering work to develop and deepen the concept of a just transition.

Mateo Nube's Speech at the People's Orientation at GCAS 2018

Inclusive Economies Require a Just Transition, Mateo Nube, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project (Oakland, CA)

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