Expected to draw approximately 2,000 participants, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in higher Education’s (AASHE’s) annual conference, happening Oct. 27 – 30 in Spokane, is the largest stage in North America to exchange effective models, policies, research, collaborations and transformative actions that advance sustainability in higher education and surrounding communities. We invite you to join us by submitting a proposal and share your knowledge, achievements and ideas for a poster or a networking meeting.

Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy

Despite increasingly dire calls from the scientific community for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they continue to rise globally. With a theme of “Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy,” the 2019 AASHE Conference & Expo is tackling the root cause for the continued rise in carbon emissions: our dysfunctional economic system. We seek to showcase and strengthen higher education’s contributions to the movement for a sustainable economy, which we see as inclusive of the exciting work happening under a variety of other names such as the solidarity economy, wellbeing economy, circular economy, post-growth economy, regenerative economy and restorative economy.

AASHE 2019 will convene a diverse group of attendees including faculty, students, sustainability officers, administrators, business partners, nonprofit representatives, government officials and community members to examine:

  • How can higher education most effectively collaborate with business, government and civil society to create a sustainable economy?
  • How can higher education best prepare students for success in a sustainable economy?
  • How can higher education institutions help catalyze a sustainable economy through teaching and research?
  • How can higher education institutions advance a sustainable economy through their procurement and investment practices?
  • How should higher education contribute to political conversations about the Green New Deal and other policies that attempt to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy?

Are you helping to create a sustainable economy? Join us at AASHE 2019!

Why Present at AASHE 2019

  • Share your successes and lessons learned. Demonstrate thought leadership at the largest stage for sustainability in higher education. This is a great opportunity for your campus and your own professional development.
  • Advance the higher education sustainability movement. From engaging attendees with your sustainability story to empowering others with insight, tools and solutions that have helped you, your participation will create a stronger campus sustainability community.
  • Save money. Accepted presenters receive a discount applicable to full conference registration.
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Important Dates and Deadlines

January 3 Call for Proposals Launches
March 8 Submission period closes for 30-Minute Session, 60-Minute Session, Half-Day Workshop, Full-Day Workshop, Student Summit Case Study. Proposals still accepted for Student Summit Workshop, Poster and Networking Meeting.
April 1 Registration Opens
April 21 Submission period closes for Student Summit Workshop. Proposals still accepted for Poster and Networking Meeting.
Mid-May Accept/decline notifications sent
July 31 Deadline to accept/decline proposal
August 20 Deadline to use presenter discount
September 6 Presenter registration deadline (before session cancellation). Poster proposal submission deadline.
September 20 Deadline to make edits/updates to accepted proposals. Networking meeting proposal submission deadline.
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