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Changemaker Sponsors represent our second highest-level of sponsors and enjoy an unmistakable presence at the conference. Changemaker sponsorship status includes all of the benefits listed below. Please pay attention to the deadlines provided in order to maximize your sponsorship.

  • Important Dates & Deadlines
    Please pay special attention to these dates. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend any of the deadlines listed here.

    9/1/2021 Changemaker Sponsor Deadline for:

    • Conference Session Proposal Submission
    • Thought Leadership Article Submission
    • Webinar Title & Abstract Submission
    9/15/2021 Sponsor/Exhibitor Demo Day! A showcase of the virtual platform features.
    • Virtual Exhibit Booth Set-up in the platform to be completed. (Uploading description, logo, videos, materials for download, booth staff, etc.)
    • Advertising video submission
    10/5/2021 Virtual Platform Opens for All Attendees
    10/12/2021 – 10/14/2021 Live Conference Dates
    10/12/2021 Live Exhibit Hours, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    10/13/2021 Live Exhibit Hours, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    10/14/2021 Live Exhibit Hours, 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    10/14/2021 Registration closes for new registrants on the last day of the conference.
    • All unused Sponsorship benefits expire.
    • Last day for attendee access to GCSHE content.

  • On-Demand Session Presentation
    Deadline: Sept. 1, 2021 – Submit your proposal using the Call for Educational Content Submission Form. Review the Call for Educational Content for information on acceptable session content and other helpful information. 

    Changemaker sponsors are eligible to present an On-Demand session at the GCSHE with a promotion in the daily conference email and push notification in the platform. 

    • On-Demand Sessions are pre-recorded presentations available for viewing at any time throughout the conference.
    • Your session will be up to 45 minutes in length. The determination of session length and other factors is at the discretion of AASHE.
    • Your On-Demand session will be included in the official GCSHE schedule.
    • AASHE reserves approval rights over all content presented to GCSHE attendees.

    Your session recording must be submitted by Oct. 1, 2021, via the Sponsor/Exhibitor Onboarding Form.

  • Sponsor Advertising Video
    Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021 Submit your video via the Sponsor/Exhibitor Onboarding Form.

    Changemaker sponsors are eligible to provide a video advertisement to be featured at the end of the organization video and placed in the main lobby area of the platform.

    • Sample Image of video location within the virtual platform.
    • Your video can be up to 1 minute in length, but we recommend you don’t exceed 30-45 seconds. Although attendees will not have the option to skip the ad, they can become frustrated by waiting to get to the main content.
      • Make sure that you include your brand message and call to action early and do it visually so that you don’t need more than 30 seconds to get your point across
    • Your video ad will be featured in the main staging area of the virtual conference (e.g., opening program, keynotes and special entertainment). 
    • Videos must be submitted in MP4 format.
    • AASHE reserves approval rights over all content presented to GCSHE attendees.

  • Thought Leadership Article
    Deadline: Sept. 1, 2021- Submit your Thought Leadership Article via the Sponsor/Exhibitor Onboarding Form.

    Visionary and Changemaker sponsors are eligible to produce a thought leadership article that will be sent to all GCSHE 2021 registrants.

    • Written by the sponsor, posted to the AASHE blog with a teaser included in an email to all conference attendees.
    • Specifications:
      • Topics must be related to sustainability and the higher education community.
      • Article must be educational in nature and can not be a sales pitch.
      • Titles should be no more than 65 characters
      • Include a maximum of three sentences about the author and at least one high res (300 dpi) PNG image, max-width 400 pixels
      • Recommend blog posts be between 1,000 – 2,000 words
      • All guest content will include the following disclaimer:
        • The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (“AASHE”).
      • AASHE reserves approval rights for overall content and will determine the timing of when the article is published.

  • Post-Conference Webinar
    Deadline: Sept. 1, 2021 To present a webinar to the AASHE audience, submit the title and abstract via the Educational Content Submission Form. The completion of this form is a requirement to present your webinar.

    Visionary and Changemaker sponsors are eligible to present an educational webinar on a topic of their choosing. 

    • Review the Best practices for building your interactive session and the Submission FAQs for a successful proposal.
    • Webinar content must be based upon a relevant topic, concept or idea related to sustainability in higher education. We do not allow purely promotional webinars. 
    • AASHE respects the privacy of people who engage with us, and as such, we do not provide attendee lists (but can provide general stats: number of registrants, number of attendees)
    • Note: Your webinar will take place within the next calendar year (2022).

  • 15 GCSHE Registrations
    Deadline: Oct. 14, 2021- The conference registration will close for new registrations on the last day of the conference.

    Changemaker sponsors are eligible to register 15 staff for the GCSHE virtual conference.

    • AASHE will provide you with a unique discount code and instructions in Aug.
    • Conference attendees from your company must use company-provided email domains when registering.
    • 80 days of platform access through Dec. 31, 2021
      • Company registrants must register before the close of the live conference dates (Oct. 14, 2021)

  • Virtual Exhibit Booth
    Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021 – Register and build your virtual booth by this deadline (instructions will be provided later this summer).

    All sponsors and exhibitors are eligible to have a virtual exhibit booth in the GCSHE exhibit hall.

    • Virtual booths feature company video, downloadable resources, appointment setting, private virtual meeting room, seamless lead collection, dedicated live support during conference hours and visibility within the platform.
    • Exhibit staff must be registered by Oct. 1, 2021 (instructions provided in Aug.)
    • All virtual booths must be completed Oct. 1, 2021 (instructions and access provided in Aug.)

  • Social Media Mentions (x3)
    Visionary, Changemaker and Innovator sponsors will be mentioned in AASHE social media channels.

    • Mentions will be on the AASHE Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.
    • AASHE will set these up.
    • No action is needed by the sponsors.

  • Leaderboard Participation
    Visionary, Changemaker and Innovator sponsors are eligible to participate in the GCSHE Leaderboard.

    • Conference participants will receive points by visiting your booth and attending your session. Top winners will be awarded prizes, incentivizing them to visit you.
    • AASHE will set up these codes.
    • No action is needed by the sponsors.

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