Each year, AASHE works with Host Institutions to help make our conference a success. Host Institutions share their sustainability successes with attendees and help identify local attractions and opportunities.

We invite you to sign on as a Host Institution to highlight your institution’s sustainability commitments and achievements and help make AASHE 2018 a valuable conference for all that attend.

Becoming a Host Institution is a great way to celebrate and promote your institution and participate in furthering the campus sustainability community worldwide. For more information, please contact Noah Swistak at [email protected] or 888-347-9997 x128.

We hope you join us!

Benefits Master
Pre- or Post Campus Tour* x
Verbal recognition during welcoming address x
President’s Welcome Letter posted on conference website 250 words 100 words
Table top display in expo hall x x x
Complimentary Full Conference Registrations 3 2 1
Student Summit Passes 5 2 2
Logo recognition in conference promotional materials including website, mobile app, signage, welcome address slides and social media x x x
Press release template highlighting your involvement as a sponsor x x x

*All logistics, food & beverage, transportation provided by host sponsor at their expense. A rebate of the registration fee will be provided to the sponsor to help offset expenses. AASHE will provide separate tour proposal guidelines and timeline. Master Hosts not wishing to conduct a tour may substitute conference presentation or pre-conference webinar, receive an advance registration list, or receive three additional student summit passes.