Sponsors, Exhibitors and Host Institutions have a wealth of opportunities to connect and engage attendees.

Booth Details

Booth Chat

Chat will be available between booth staff and attendee visitors. Chat can be public or you can host private chats with individuals. During exhibit hours, we encourage you to post greetings or questions to the public chat to encourage visitors to engage with you in chat or in your Zoom room.

Booth Zoom Room

Each booth will have its own private Zoom room that attendees can join. You can use this Zoom room to host demos or video chat with attendees. Zoom room login details will be provided to you when you gain access to the Hubb platform in early October.

Engagement with Attendees

  • Access Your Booth’s Private Zoom Room
    • Your Zoom room will be set up a few days before October 20. Once those Zoom rooms are provided, you can follow these instructions to log in.
  • How to Set Up Meetings with Attendees
    • Please follow these instructions and select the “Sponsor & Attendee Meetings” option.
    • Attendees will not be granted access to the Hubb until mid-October, so please wait to set up meetings until a few days before the conference starts.

What’s Next?

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