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Bringing LCA into the Classroom: Analyzing Fuel Carbon Footprints

You will gain valuable insights, resources and tools to bring LCA into the grade-school and introductory collegiate classrooms. Presenters will guide participants through a set of lessons in which students investigate the socio-scientific guiding question, “What is the most sustainable fuel for powering vehicles?”

Nanogrid to Campus Microgrid: Deploying Santa Fe Community College’s Microgrid

Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) is achieving the cutting-edge with facility improvement projects that tie into education and research, while also improving energy resilience in addition to operating more efficiently and sustainably. The program includes a research and teaching nanogrid that will incorporate traditional power generation, photovoltaic solar power, natural gas generation, and a battery […]

Culture, Curriculum & Regenerative Development Webinar

This webinar will wade into the world of public affairs to explore the opportunities to catalyze a new model of giving and investment, one that is disruptive, and inspiring, driven by social finance and impact investing models and principles. We will discuss some brilliantly successful models of progressive philanthropy from Europe, Canada, and Australia. We […]