Revolving Loan Funds > $1 Million

AASHE's Revolving Loans Fund database contains information on 36 revolving loan funds over $1,000,000 at 35 institutions containing $109,481,883 in total.

Institution Fund Name Funds Year Established
University of Vermont Energy Revolving Fund $13,000,000 2012
Harvard University Harvard Green Loan Fund $12,000,000 2001
Weber State University Energy Conservation Projects $9,000,000 2010
California Institute of Technology Caltech Energy Conservation Investment Program (CECIP) $8,000,000 2009
Stanford University Whole Building Energy Retrofit Program (WBERP) $8,000,000 2004
University of Denver Energy Reserve Fund $6,570,297 2009
Georgia Institute of Technology Campus Energy and Sustainability Investment Program $6,000,000 2011
Princeton University Princeton Energy Efficiency Fund $5,000,000 2012
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Energy Conservation Internal Loan Program $5,000,000 1998
Grand Valley State University Energy Reinvestment Fund $3,500,000 2006
George Washington University Green Campus Fund $2,140,000 2010
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Conservation Investment Fund $2,000,000 2007
Stanford University Energy Retrofit Program (ERP) $2,000,000 1993
University of Notre Dame Green Loan Fund $2,000,000 2008
Vermont State Colleges System Office VSC Green Revolving Loan Fund $2,000,000 2012
Tufts University Tufts University Energy Reserve Fund $1,743,586 2000
Arizona State University ASU Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund (SIRF) $1,500,000 2010
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Revolving Loan Fund $1,500,000 2012
University of New Hampshire UNH Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) $1,325,000 2009
Boston University Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund $1,203,000 2008
Agnes Scott College Agnes Scott College’s Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2011
Berkshire School W. Baird Duschatko '91 Fund For the Study of Sustainable Resources $1,000,000 2011
Dartmouth College Dartmouth Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2011
Denison University Green Hill Fund $1,000,000 2011
Iowa State University Live Green Revolving Loan Fund $1,000,000 2008
Middlebury College Middlebury Revolving Loan Fund $1,000,000 2011
Oregon State University Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan Fund $1,000,000 2010
Rollins College Rollins Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2012
The University of Arizona UA Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2011
University of British Columbia UBC Sustainability Fund $1,000,000 2011
University of Calgary Revolving Energy Fund $1,000,000 2011
University of Oregon UO Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2012
University of Pennsylvania Penn Green Fund $1,000,000 2009
University of Virginia $1,000,000 2010
Western Michigan University WMU Green Revolving Fund $1,000,000 2011
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus The Greenback Fund $1,000,000 2011

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AASHE's Campus Sustainability Revolving Loan Funds Database indexes campus revolving loan funds that are used to pay for sustainability projects. For additional information, see Greening the Bottom Line and related resources from the Sustainable Endowments Institute's Billion Dollar Green Challenge.

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