Campus Ghg Inventories

This resource contains links to completed campus greenhouse gas emissions inventories. The inventories are organized according to the methodology or tool used to calculate the emissions. This resource list was created prior to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) reporting tool. As such, it is not comprehensive for all campuses that are participating in the ACUPCC. For a complete listing of greenhouse gas inventories from ACUPCC signatories, please visit the ACUPCC online reporting tool.

Clean Air-Cool Planet Campus Carbon Calculator

Institution Report
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report 1995-2005
Carleton College Carleton’s Green House Gas Emissions at Carleton College: A Complete Inventory for 2004-2005 with Extrapolations Back to 1990
Colby College Greenhouse Gas Emissions Audit for Colby College
College of Charleston Greenhouse Gas Audit 1993-2001
Connecticut College Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 1990-2002 Summary in State of the Environment Report for 2005-2006
Duke University Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2003
Evergreen State College, The Carbon Neutrality by 2020: The Evergreen State College’s Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Marymount Manhattan College MMC Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
McLennan Community College MCC Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
Middlebury College A Summary of Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Middlebury College
Oregon State University Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Oregon University System Oregon University System Greenhouse Gas Inventory (includes 7 institutions)
Pomona College Climate Neutral Pomona College: 2006-2007 Annual Report to The President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability
San Francisco State University Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2006
Santa Clara University Climate Neutrality Action Plan(pdf)
Smith College Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Smith College: A Comprehensive Inventory from 1990-2004 and Suggestions for Future Emissions Reductions
State University of New York at Geneseo Geneseo GHG Inventory
Unity College Greenhouse Emissions Report
University of California, Santa Barbara Changing the Campus Climate: Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at The University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Connecticut GHG Emissions Inventory
University of Illinois at Chicago Greenhouse Gas Inventory
University of Maryland, College Park Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2002-2007
University of New Hampshire 1990-2000 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory,1990-2003 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory,2004-2005 Update Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Carbon Footprint 2007(PDF)
Utah State University Greenhouse Gas Emmisions Inventory 2006-2007
Vanderbilt University Baseline Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2005-2007(PDF)
Washington University in St. Louis Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory(PDF)
Wellesley College Audit of Wellesley College's Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Williams College 1991-2008 Greenhouse Gas Inventories

California Climate Action Registry

Institution Report
University of California, Berkeley Emissions Inventory

The annual reports of other campus members of the California Climate Action Registry are available through the Registry's online reporting tool.

Torrie Smith Associates emission Greenhouse Gas Strategy Software

Institution Report
Tulane University Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Individually-Derived and Other Methodologies

Institution Report
Appalachian State University Climate Neutrality
Colorado State University GHG Baseline FY 06 data
Drexel University Drexel University Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2008
Harvard University Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Hollins University The Carbon Footprint of Hollins University 2003-2007
Lewis & Clark College 2002-2003 Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology A Methodology for Assessing MIT's Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
North Carolina State University NC State Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Oberlin College Oberlin College: Climate Neutral by 2020
Pennsylvania State University A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Projection for the University Park Campus of the Pennsylvania State University
Rice University The Impact of CO2
Tufts University Tufts University's Green House Gas Emissions Inventory for 1990 and 1998
Unity College Emissions Inventory
University of Central Florida Greenhouse Gas Report
University of Colorado Boulder Carbon Emissions Inventory
Yale University Inventory and Analysis of Yale University’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions