Guide to Creating & Managing Sustainability Internship Programs


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This How-To Guide explores best practices for establishing and managing highly effective Sustainability Internship Programs (SIPs). It presents information for individuals seeking guidance on creating new SIPs (Chapter 2), or for those looking to change or improve the ongoing management of existing SIPs (Chapter 3).

Additional SIP resources have been compiled into an accompanying SIP Resource Toolkit. The toolkit provides access to SIP resources crowdsourced from sustainability managers across the U.S. References to specific resources within the toolkit are linked throughout this publication, and readers are encouraged to use both this guide and the toolkit as a reference.

This guide is written by Emilie Rex and Josh Stoffel, and was edited by AASHE and a number of SIP program managers and sustainability officers across the U.S. The writers and editors would like to thank everyone who provided valuable insights, resources, and images to make this publication possible.