Sponsoring AASHE Publications

Sponsoring an AASHE publication is a great way to support the advancement of sustainability in higher education and to reach the growing sector of campus sustainability advocates. AASHE offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities described below, and we are happy to discuss customized sponsorship packages. Contact Skyelar Habberfield for more information at skyelar.habberfield@aashe.org or 888-347-9997 ext. 121.

AASHE Bulletin

AASHE Bulletin is the premier electronic newsletter on sustainability and higher education. Each week, it provides the latest campus sustainability news stories, events, resources and opportunities to a growing subscriber base of more than 11,000 including administrators, faculty, staff and students from more than 500 colleges and universities. Open and click rates for the Bulletin consistently surpass the 20 percent industry high.


Single-Issue Sponsorship

Single-issue sponsors are recognized with a hyperlinked logo and a 50-word description at the top of the Bulletin in the right sidebar. (Dimensions for each sponsorship includes the logo plus text: 180 pixels wide by 350 pixels high). These sponsors are prominently featured with the introduction: "This issue brought to you by..." Issue sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Those sponsors who wish to appear in an issue by themselves can pay 20 percent more to guarantee a spot as the sole sponsor. (This does not apply to long-term sponsorships, below.)

The rates to sponsor a single issue and and cost per mille (CPM) are as follows:

 Member $350
 Non-Member $460
 Member CPM: $36
 Non-Member CPM: $47

Long-term Sponsorship

Long-term sponsors are recognized with the placement of their logo on the right sidebar of every issue during the sponsorship period under the heading "This issue brought to you by..." Each logo is hyperlinked to the sponsor's website.  (Dimensions for each logo: 145 pixels by 50 pixels.)

Long-term sponsorship rates and cost per mille (CPM) are as follows:

  1 year 6 months 3 months
 Member $2,750 $1,650 $1045
 Non-Member $3,575 $2,200 $1,375
 Member CPM: $6 CPM: $7 CPM: $9
 Non-Member CPM: $7 CPM: $9 CPM: $12

Long-term sponsors may cancel their sponsorship at any time, and will be reimbursed in proportion to the remainder of the sponsorship period, minus a $100 cancellation processing fee.

Annual Higher Education Sustainability Reviews

Historically one of AASHE’s most popular publications with more than 600 downloads per year, the annual Higher Education Sustainability Review takes a look at the higher education sustainability movement through AASHE Bulletin statistics (for a one-year period), stories focused on notable practices, and the perspectives of campus sustainability specialists and champions. The information revealed in these publications receives media attention and is often referenced repeatedly throughout the year in publications including The New York Times and USA Today.

The annual Higher Education Sustainability Review is available as a free download to members and for purchase as an e-book through Amazon Kindle to members and non-members.

Logos appear on the inside cover of this publication as a featured sponsor.

Sponsorship rates are as follows (in US$):

 Logos sized 180x180 pixels: $300
 Logos sized 90x90 pixels: $200

Note: AASHE Business Members at the Leader and Supporter levels receive this sponsorship free of charge. If you’re thinking about becoming a Leader or Supporter, contact Skyelar Habberfield for more information at skyelar.habberfield@aashe.org or 888-347-9997 ext. 121

Sponsorship of Other AASHE Publications

AASHE periodically releases other publications for which sponsorship is desired. If you are interested in receiving more information about these publication sponsorship opportunities as they arise, please contact AASHE Business Development Specialist, Skyelar Habberfield, for more information at skyelar.habberfield@aashe.org or 888-347-9997 ext. 121

Note: In no case does a sponsorship grant any influence over the editorial contents of AASHE publications and AASHE reserves the right to reject sponsorships that we deem inconsistent with our mission to empower higher education to lead the sustainability transformation.